CBS and Bias

The coalescing opinion on the more liberal side of the blogosphere (among the few willing to talk about it at least) seems to be that the CBS problem in appropriately dealing with almost certainly fraudulant documents while reporting was caused mostly by a competitive rush to publish a sensational story instead of political bias.  See for example here, here, and the comments on ObsidianWings.

That seems to me much less encouraging than a political bias explanation.  The fact that they were willing to pretty much abandon journalistic standards despite repeated warnings and were willing to play the deny--deny game even after the fraud was revealed is bad enough if they were doing it out of political bias.  It makes it very difficult to trust CBS on stories which they see as anti-Republican. 

But the current liberal explanation is far more damning.  If CBS (and by the LaTimes "there but for the grace of God we go" comment perhaps the whole media) is willing to abandon journalistic standards for sensational stories, one would have to be mistrustful of their reporting on any sensational issue. 

That calls into question their alleged objectivity far more often than mere political bias.  I'm ok with that because I think journalists are often non-objective.  But for those who defend the media from allegations of bias, it seems a more damaging position to media credibility than mine. 

Posted by Sebastian Holsclaw at January 14, 2005 3:20 AM