Where's the Outrage?

Another politician caught up in Campaign finance scandals. I’m not surprised that a big outcry hasn’t began - even on WatchBlog - she’s a Democrat.

Does Queen Hillary get to skate on this one? After all she can't possibly keep track of what everyone that works for her at any given moment in time is doing.
I can't prove her guilty of anything and I won't even try.

I am waiting for the accusations of guilt that seem to be applied to Republicans way before these situations become proven.

What laws will be changed to protect her? Will she be given a pass because it was someone down the food chain that may be guilty of wrong doing?

I just don't see how she can be excused for any reason if their was fraud down below. The Democrats have been screaming for Rumsfeld's and Bush's heads for a long time with the claim that they must have known what was going on anytime something went wrong, no matter how far removed from them the problem was.

I will watch and see if the Democrats swarm to protect their Queen or if they come out in force to take her down as they would a Republican.

Posted by Dawn at January 9, 2005 12:29 PM