The Stinginess of Islam

Arab countries are rating at the bottom of the list out of those donating towards tsunami relief in Southeast Asia. While Saudi Arabia pledged $30 million towards the relief effort, it pales in comparison to the $155 million they raised to support the families of Palestinian terrorists in Israel. One of the reasons given for the appalling display of “stinginess” is apparently because the Islamic leaders of these nations had been arguing against sending more aid, “fearing the money will fall into the hands of infidels.”

We attribute this type of religious zealotry and bigotry to an extreme minority group of Muslims whose views do not reflect mainstream Islam. Yet the truth remains that many Arab nations are ruled by a militant Islamic theocracy, and if not that, then they are deeply influenced by Islamic leaders who hold tremendous clout. While Islamic beliefs vary with each individual in some respects, there are a few common traits one can always find evident throughout the Muslim world, not the least of which is a deep seated hatred towards Israel and the Jews.

The perplexity over why goodwill by Arab Muslims would be reserved more for terrorists than for victims of the tsunami is understood when you consider that for many Muslims, jihad is the #1 priority over everything else, even charitable relief towards other fellow Muslims. It is only by jihad that Islam is spread, and by jihad that they hope to bring the entire world under Islamic rule, so that "salaam" (peace) might be achieved. The actual meaning of Islam then is not peace, but submission, hence only when the entire world submits under Islam will peace be achieved.

The problem with this is that everyone seems to have a different interpretation of what constitutes true Islam, which is partly why Islam breeds so much violence and hatred. Along with the call for jihad, Muslims then end up killing other Muslims for not following THEIR version of Islam. Indeed, these Muslims consider each other worse than infidels, because a Muslim pretending to follow the true path of Allah is considered worse than an infidel.

Warring factions like what we have seen in Afghanistan and Algeria inevitably ensue, broken up embarassingly enough by the infidels of the West. For a religion that purports to be one of peace, it is ironic that Muslims would have to call on infidels to rescue them from certain doom.

Imagine how it must feel for a Muslim living in Southeast Asia to see that the overwhelming bulk of charity and goodwill that he gets comes not from Islamic ruled nations, but from infidels. It's precisely the sort of thing that can breed disillusionment and resentment over any help we try to extend to nations ruled by an Islamic majority. In some cases aid from Israel were also flatly rejected, and we can only speculate as to how angry and embarrassed these nations must feel over seeing even the much hated Israel extend its hand in goodwill to help the tsunami victims. For them, it is simply out of character for Israel to behave in any way that does not befit their perception of the Jewish state being a monstrous entity of evil.

What can be done then to counter the cultural discord brought on by Islam? For one, it must be recognized that at its heart, Islam is not a peaceful religion. Bush's understandable but misguided belief that the terrorists who attack the West in the name of Allah are not following Islam fails to consider the gravity of the threat Islam poses to the world. Abdulrahman Alamoudi, director of the American Muslim Council, once told a conference of the Islamic Association for Palestine, "[T]he United States will become a Muslim country, even if it takes 100 years." Those words aren't reflective of a people beholden to tolerance and peace, but to conquest.

And even as politically correct as Bush's statements have been, Islamic leaders were still offended over Bush's views, complaining on how he is not an authourity on the religion and therefore cannot speak accurately to what it does and does not teach. In its purest form though, Islam must be perceived and addressed no differently than the way the West perceives Nazism. In many ways, Islam today is yesterday's Nazism.

Secondly, while recognizing the drive for conquest and violence that Islam foments, and protecting ourselves accordingly, the bloodlust of Islam must be countered by goodwill as well. Even now, many Muslims are reevaluating their beliefs in light of what the West has done on their behalf. One can find no greater ally to the United States in the Mideast than the Kurds, and Kuwait has turned in the West's favour over their gratitude in being liberated from Saddam. Even the majority of Iraqis today, regardless of what the leftist media reports, remains thankful over our deposing of Hussein's regime. We have gained Muslim allies in Afghanistan and as a result of our intervention in Bosnia. In each case the West persistently tries to instill the precepts of democracy and freedom, two of the greatest threats ever known to Islam itself, because it is maintained by the sword. When democracy and freedom removes that sword, Islam falls. A country where Islamic rule is no longer dominant and even takes a backseat to other religious paths is unthinkable, and the very height of blasphemy for devout Muslims.

The lessons of World War 2 must be relearned. We defeated Nazism by a twofold measure: first by military might and destroying the Third Reich, and then by rebuilding the country from the ground up, into a democracy that would no longer threaten the world, at least not for many decades to come. We are being called once again to confront those rogue nations that are bent on our destruction, and to rebuild them as well to benevolent nation-states that will no longer threaten us or the rest of the world.

Posted by Maximus Swift at January 6, 2005 7:41 PM