The Other Side of the Coin

With over 150,000 dead as a result of the tsunamis, it is really something to see the active response by the American public. We are beginning to understand the scope of this massive tragedy playing out in our world. Now consider it being repeated every six weeks for the entire year.

It is already difficult to comprehend the number of dead in this one event, much less if we had 8 or 9 if them in a year. But that total number of deaths is the approximate number of abortions performed each year in America. Regardless of where you stand on the abortion issue, we can agree that this catastrophe multiplied 8 or 9 times over would be a disaster of epic proportion. With this insight it is fairly easy to see why persons believing in life at conception would be so strongly opposed to the continuation of the abortion practice. I am not arguing whether these people have a correct view of life or the constitution, rather I am trying to put some perspective to the seemingly extreme beliefs of some in this country.

When abortion is viewed in this manner, the desire to restrict the 'freedom of choice' becomes more rational. I'm not saying that everyone should adopt this view, I am only trying to illustrate the rationale behind viewpoints that some people view as facist, ignorant or uncaring. There will always be people who hold to the belief that life begins at conception or some other time prior to birth, and for these people, abortion is like a preventable yearly multiple tsunami, and they are willing to resort to varying levels of extreme measures to prevent it.

I guess my whole point is that the actions and opinions of pro-life groups are not (all) born out of stupidity or ignorance. They are living with the same tragedy we are experiencing now, only it's happening approximately every six weeks with no end in sight.

Posted by Andrew Parker at January 6, 2005 2:27 PM