With only a few days left until Christmas … some people are still fighting to take Christ out of Christmas while others are fighting back hard to keep the tradition.

It is hard for me to understand what anyone could possibly have against Christmas.
While growing up we were not taken to Church except for during the Holidays... Easter, Christmas, and not every year.
We were not urged to believe in God. Our mother did not sit reading the Bible in the evenings to us children. I know we had one. A big, beautiful, expensive one that was given to my Mother by her Grandmother. Her Parents and Grandparents attended Church weekly and went to all the social functions of the Church. My Father's family did not attend, that I know of.
We were taught that one doesn't have to gather in a building once a week to be a good person, by our father, and that God is really in our hearts, by our mother.

Do we really need to believe that there is a 'GOD' to be good people? Being good is taught to us as small children. Don't hit, share your toys, use good manners, etc ...
The question is ... who decided that these were the acceptable ways to behave? When? and Why?
How can we accept that the good behaviors that we try to apply to our daily lives came about simply from evolution?
Why weren't murder, adultery, and stealing the acceptable social behaviors? These behaviors could quite easily have become the norm instead.
Was it simply because someone decided that he didn't like the way the world was ? pretended to hear voices? decided to write the commandments down? went around telling people his story and suddenly people decided to believe that there is a 'God'? that these commandments were the word of 'God' and they should begin to follow the rules?

What 'inspired' me to write this...
The other night. I was speaking with 2 male friends. One wished me the best and I said 'Merry Christmas. None of this Happy Holidays stuff - Merry Christmas.' He said 'Merry Christmas' back.
The other man looked straight at me and said 'Happy Holidays'. I said 'Merry Christmas'. We just looked at each other - both kind of nodded - and that was the end of it.
It really didn't surprise me that he wouldn't say 'Merry Christmas' Also I knew the other man would say 'Merry Christmas'. It was like I found out something about the 2 men that I already knew. It is also funny that I have always gotten along with the 'Merry Christmas' man better.
Not ever knowing any religious or non-religious things about either one, I always got along with the 'Merry Christmas' man better simply because he is nicer, friendlier, smiles more, cares about people. I cannot say that the 'Happy Holidays' man doesn't care about others, it is just in a less friendly way and it just seems that he is more into himself.
There are people who say that there is no 'God'. How can they be so sure?
There are people who say there is a 'God'. How can they be so sure?
People who say there is no 'God' claim to be tolerant, yet try to have all signs of Christ removed from any public displays.
What is so threatening about watching others who believe in Christ display their symbols?
It is no different than me trying to explain to my children why some people don't have a tree or lights on their house or why they think there is no God.
It is not threatening to me to explain these things. I don't tell my kids people are crazy because they don't believe in 'God'.
Same as I don't tell them believers are crazy.
Christmas is supposed to be a time for everyone to come together and love each other. A time set aside to remember the good things about us human beings.
It should not be threatening to anyone.

Posted by Dawn at December 19, 2004 2:14 PM