Blame it on Usama

When all else fails … blame it on Usama Bin Laden. The American people got scared when UBL showed his ugly face and ran to George W. Bush for comfort. Kerry had no chance. I sincerely doubt that’s what happened.

(Old news? Maybe. This may have an impact on how Dems go about running in '08. If they can't figure out what really went wrong this time they won't be in the Presidents office next time either.)

How many months and how much money did John Kerry spend trying to convince the American people that President Bush blew it when it came to capturing or killing UBL?
I know I heard it dozens of times. 'He outsourced to Afghan Warlords ...'
'Iraq was a diversion from the hunt for Usama.'

Now he is blaming the tape? Saying he didn't have a chance to rebut?
Give me a break. I thought Bush was a goner when UBL reared his ugly head.
If anything, after all Kerry said, the American people should have run from George Bush ... not to him.
When that tape showed up we should have been more inclined to vote for Kerry. He said he would go anywhere, do anything. He said, " I fought for this country as a young man ..."
He said Bush didn't do the job and he would.
The tape proved Bush didn't get it done.

Kerry did not convince more people that he was the right man for the job. Plain and simple.
Everyone keeps trying to figure out 'what went wrong'. Why Kerry didn't beat Bush. Diehard Dems can't believe it. They can't understand how so many people can be so stupid.

Kerry did not do a good job 'selling himself' to the larger number of voters. It's his own fault. No one elses. Of course he can't understand why he didn't win. Running on the 'I was a war hero' platform may work in Mass., but it didn't make it happen for him nationally.
Kerry and his henchmen thought he was in. That it was a cake walk when it came to getting Bush out. After all, he made so many mistakes. He took us to war in Iraq on false pretenses.

It isn't very smart to think the UBL tape really made much difference.
FOX News and Sinclair were not what did him in either.
O'Reilly tried and tried to get Kerry on for an interview, as did others like Colmes. Colmes would have kissed Kerry's ..., O'Reilly had Kerry Reps on to answer questions he was planning to ask Kerry. It wasn't the same as having him there and I thought O'Reilly shouldn't have given him that much.
Sinclair Broadcasting. Didn't they back down on that Swift Boat documentary and not show what they originally planned?

If he really believes that these things lost the election for him, then it makes me feel that much better about his not winning. If he keeps this up, he will go the way of Al Gore.
If it hadn't been for the missing WMD's, Bush would probably have won by a much bigger margin.

'08 is going to be very interesting. Who will run for the Presidency from all Parties? Will a good Independent actually have a chance next time?

Posted by Dawn at November 23, 2004 8:44 AM