Today the Clinton Library was opened. There was a big gathering to dedicate it. There were four Presidents there. Two Democrat and two Republican. It was a big day for Ex President Bill Clinton.

I came home and flipped on the television. Bill Clinton was giving his speech on a rainy day in Arkansas. I caught the end of it.

He said, " Am I the only one in this Country that likes President Bush and John Kerry?"

That surprised me, in a way, but then it really didn't. That's Bill Clinton. He is good at that. Good at talking to people, all people.
He said that George Bush and John Kerry are both good men who care about people and love this country.
I knew that.
We had to make a choice between two men that love our country. Two men that really do want the best for all of us.

George Bush won. John Kerry got a lot of votes. Even if P. Bush had won by only one vote, he would still be the one being inaugarated next January.

We the People have a President named George W. Bush.
A lot of people may not like him and may be afraid of what may happen in the next four years.
John F. Kerry came close to winning.
There are a lot of peope who were afraid of what might have happened in the next four years if he had become President.

For some reason we want to blame everything that goes wrong on this one person. We want to give this one person all the praise when things go right.

If our world revolves solely around one person then why do we bother to have the rest of these representatives? We have to pay attention to what they are all doing. We should be demanding that they work together to make our corner of the world a better place. A place that is looked at by the rest of the world as a good example of how the whole world should be.

This starts with us. We, as individuals, who can work together. The hate has got to stop. Go ahead and dislike someone or something they do, but hate? Aren't we trying to rid the world of hate? It has to stop right here at home. We must not elect people into office who do it by getting anyone to hate the other person.


Posted by Dawn at November 18, 2004 2:51 PM