U.N. Policy & Muscle

Be kind, this is my first WatchBlog post yet. If you have comments, I’d appreciate additional critique on the way I wrote it, not just on the content.

I’ve come to the realization that the United Nations is entirely useless. They haven’t accomplished anything, and when they try to enforce something, they get shot at and leave. Additionally, the U.N. should never ever have control over United States troops.

If the U.N. calls the shots, then our troops will no longer be answering to only US generals and the President. They will be answering to the U.N. and their priorities and mandates. And we know how successful the U.N. is at anything. When something happens, they say “Oh please, don't hurt us!” or “Stop your violations of our policies!”, they send U.N. troops and then when the U.N. troops get shot at, they vanish.

The Sudanese have been victims of the guerrillas who have come in and massacred unarmed villagers, dismembered them, raped them, and the U.N. tells them they need to stop. The U.N. went in, and they had several members shot at and they left! What cowards they show themselves to be! And the mercenaries (ex-Navy Seals, ex-Army Rangers, highly-trained former British troops) went in and avenged the villagers and the U.N. told them they couldn't do that due to international law, and they made them leave. And the Clinton administration agreed to that. That was when the U.N. sent troops in yet again and got shot at and left.

The United Nations is, of course, a great idea in theory (as is communism). However, not only does the U.N. lack the muscle to back their policy, but as I've seen, they have a bunch of corrupt people as leaders.

Posted by Steven Noonan at November 16, 2004 9:29 PM