"Tanks" meet Anti-War Protesters in LA. Gasp! Over React!

Last night in LA two “tanks” stopped near a group of anti-war protesters. Already, the slimy underbelly of the far left is writhing with accusations of military intimidation, and crazed shouts about Tiananmen USA. The event is being seized upon by left-wing crazies as another piece in the “Evil Right Wing” puzzle, to be enshrined next to Halliburton conspiracies and Diebold vote hacking anecdotes. Military oppression of a peaceful protest would indeed be cause for concern. Too bad that this nonsense just doesn’t seem to hold water.

But that's not stopping some of the nut-jobs on the left. During some of my web research on this event over at “Axis of Logic” (cough, rolling eyes) I discovered this delightful chestnut of wisdom: “They were intentionally using deadly force to intimidate peaceful protesters in violation of their First Amendment rights. This is a big story.”

Deadly force? Can someone point out to me the use of -any- force during this event, let alone “deadly” force? Deadly force would be plowing through this group of dejected hippies while snapping into a Slim-Jim (TM). Instead, the APC crews applied “deadly force” by driving down the road, stopping, and allowing the protesters to swarm around them as they helplessly look around trying to figure a way out of this mess. Deadly force indeed. Deadly stupidity is more like it. That'll teach the military to ask directions from anyone wearing Birkenstocks.

At least some voices on the far left are keeping sane. Over at the DailyKos, at least a few folks appear to realize the absurdity of the “military intimidation” theory. I'm glad they can put aside post-election angst and think about the situation rationally for a minute. Although it is obvious how two dozen people with questionable taste in tie-dies might set off a civil defense reaction, at least a handful of left-o-nauts realize how unlikely this scenario actually is.

Luckily there is some available video of the event, just in case we want to see it with our own eyes. As of this posting, you can check out the video over at LA Indy Media.

Notice how the APCs intimidatingly drive down the street, sinisterly stopping at what appears to be a crosswalk? Notice how they wait for the demonstrators to move away and then, menacingly, proceed to drive directly past them? Gasp.

What has this nation come to when military vehicles, in cities, obey traffic codes?

I guess there just aren't enough straws to grasp at these days. Next we'll be hearing that Alberto Gonzales is -just- as insidious as Darth Ashcroft. Oh wait....

***Amendment & Correction: The relative date of this article is wrong. The event took place on November 9th. The source I used for the date was not correct. Many apologies. I am maintaining the previous text as-is.

-the author

Posted by Damon Dimmick at November 12, 2004 11:01 AM