Kisses and Crumbs

Arafat has died. Is there a chance for peace in the Middle East now that he is gone? Some believe that there is.


Considered a Hero by some and a Terrorist by others. Beloved by most of his people? We will soon find out.

What will happen in the coming days?

Bush did not want to deal directly with Arafat and for many, that was a good decision.
Clinton worked out a Peace Plan between Palestine and Israel. In the end Arafat backed out. He could have started his people on their way to peace and prosperity. He chose not to do that.
It was said that Arafat was more concerned with getting handouts from other countries than actually governing his people.

Bush has said that Palestine should be it's own State(Country?). If the people who take over the PLO are dedicated to Peace, will they have their own State(country?)? Will those dedicated to the destruction of Israel back down and give the two state solution a chance?

The wall will stay up. It may be shifted based on agreements. This wall reminds me of the one that separated Germans for so long. It stayed until it was shown that both sides would work in Peace. The wall came down. (Long over due though, in my opinion.)
This is an attainable goal in that region if dealt with in the right way.

We know that PM Tony Blair will be talking to President Bush about this.
It will be interesting, to me, to see how France deals with the situation. It was shown that the majority of French viewed Arafat as a Hero.

Much of the hate towards the U.S. from the Middle East is based on our siding with Israel. President Bush has to prove he wasn't just saying Palestine should be it's own State(Country). We have to help them accomplish this goal.

The 'funeral' happened this morning. Many people were there. The violence that many thought would happen, did not.
Are the people of Palestine ready to move on? Will the moderates be the majority and stop the violence?
We will watch while hoping for peace.

Posted by Dawn at November 11, 2004 1:51 PM