Backyards vs. Concrete Playgrounds?

Where is the divide in our country really at ? In this election those that live where they breathe fresh air have won this election. People who ride 4 wheelers and horses. People who go to ballgames on Friday night and who go fishing on Sunday…..

Country vs. City?

If you look at the USA Today Map showing how the counties voted in this country the majority of the rural counties voted for President Bush and those with larger cities voted for Senator Kerry. It looks like the rural counties that voted against P.Bush had higher Latino populations. (Because S. Kerry was going to make it easier for them to become citizens?)

President Bush won the Suburban and Rural vote. If you look at the results of the CNN Exit Polls President Bush did gain ground in the Urban areas. P. Bush lost ground in the small towns, and my guess is because this is where most of the manufacturing jobs were lost.

When the talk is about morals, people on the 'far left' automatically assume it means being against gay people or abortion.
Morals run a whole lot deeper than that.

It was interesting to me how the results looked among people who do and don't attend church. More people who attend regularly voted for P.Bush 61%-39%. More people who don't go to church voted for Kerry 62%-38%. Kerry also won with those who go occasionally 53%-47%. This looks about even to me.

Also according to these polls 49% believe the country is headed in the 'right direction' and 46% do not.
There was an interesting point made about this particular question.
It does not ask whether it refers to the economy or how we feel about our country in general.

What else does this mean? The divided vote.

The suppliers voted for Bush and the consumers voted for Kerry.
The people with dirt under their fingernails, the ones who do the back breaking labor to feed the people in the cities.

'City People' think 'Country People' are dumb? Who is it that knows they will always have a job because everyone else needs to eat? Who is it that cuts the trees so that others can have nice furniture and lumber to build big fancy homes? Where does everyone think milk, eggs and meat come from? The grocery store?

People who lost there manufacturing jobs blamed Pr. Bush. I am completely confused about this one. When did the jobs start leaving this country? Before Pr. Bush. I can't figure out why it wasn't pointed out that S. Kerry had a big part in that. Because both sides of our government think Free Trade and shifting jobs in our Country are good things.

I hope no one believes that the Democrats don't have lobbyists and money from big business that sway votes and favor big business over voters and their jobs.

The richest man in our country sends jobs overseas. Why is that? Does Gates not have enough money in his personal pot yet?
Pr. Bush is being blamed for the greed of CEO's and stockholders?
Where are their morals? Hidden in loopholes?

With this election we really can't tell where the true divide is in our country.

There was so much hate. So much division on the War in Iraq.

Pr. Bush received more Democratic votes (11%) than S. Kerry did Republican (6%).
The Independents were split 48% Bush 49% Kerry 1% Nader. Bush gained with them by 1%.

More Bush voters voted for Bush than against Kerry.
More Kerry voters were voting against Bush than for Kerry.

Was this just because of Iraq? Did they not like Kerry or the party?
Was there really only one candidate?

The only way we will know what the true divide is in our country is when people change parties. It will be interesting to see how many will jump ship and where they will go. I don't expect this to happen very soon. Maybe not even before the next election. It may depend on who is chosen to run 4 years from now.
It seems the Democrats are going to be changing leadership and trying to change the way the bigger majority views them.
The Republicans now have the chance to show our country that they are willing to meet in the middle and the party is not controlled by the 'far right'.

Don't listen to the 'experts' and the 'analysts'. They don't know either. When the people of this country shift parties, we will all know.
Maybe this election will bring change to our country in a way that will be good for ALL of us.

Posted by Dawn at November 3, 2004 6:51 PM