Here We Go Again

MSNBC projects that President Bush won Ohio and Florida, bringing MSNBC’s Electoral Vote to tally to 269. Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Wisconsin are still to be called by MSNBC.

Kerry’s campaign is unwilling to concede, hoping that he would win Ohio’s 20 electoral votes when all the ballots were counted, which won’t happen for almost two weeks. MSNBC sums it up:

“We’ve waited four years for this victory. We can wait one more night,” Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, told cheering supporters in Boston.

The Bush Campaign responded:

Bush Communications Director Nicolle Devenish called the Kerry campaign’s stance “desperate,” saying Kerry would have to win an unrealistic number of votes to capture Ohio.

“There’s no mathematical path to victory for Kerry in Ohio,” she said. “There aren’t enough votes there to alter the outcome of the re-election of George W. Bush.”

Here we go again.

Posted by Dan Spencer at November 3, 2004 4:22 AM