Well it appears that my hope for a clean victory by one party or the other may be dashed in Ohio. It is now midnight Pacific Time and in my opinion Ohio is too close to call. Which leads directly to my next topic. FoxNews and NBC should not have called Ohio—it is just too close there and it is clearly the last decisive state. It has put both networks in the ridiculous position of being afraid to call Nevada or New Mexico for Bush even though it far clearer that Bush won in those two states than it is in Ohio. At least some of the networks seem to have learned their lesson from Florida.

I also want to cast scorn on those who were peddling the early exit polls--yes that is you Slate and Drudge. Not noticing that the early exit polls dramatically oversampled women is an unforgiveable and unusually simple mistake which ought not have led to breathless and unfounded speculation of a Kerry landslide.

I also note that the Nader blaming has begun.

So, I'm still hoping to wake up to a clear winner, but I think that is unlikely. Can we talk about an efficient method of casting, verifying and counting ballots soon?

UPDATE: According to CSPAN, 101% of the precincts in New Mexico are reporting, but they still can't call the state for anyone. WTF? I'll presume that has something to do with Indian reservations? (And my paranoid side suggests that it has to do with vote manufacturing, but I'm telling it to shut up and go to sleep.)

Posted by Sebastian Holsclaw at November 3, 2004 3:22 AM