Bush Wins

George Bush is on track to win the majority of the popular vote (as reported by NBC News. All I know comes from Tim Russert - 51-48%). He will be the first candidate to do this since 1988 (you will recall that Clinton never broke 50% and Gore got a plurality of 48.38%, outscoring Bush by Ĺ of 1%). George Bush will also win a significant margin in the Electoral College if current trends continue. All the thousands of lawyers spinning as fast as they can won’t be able to scare up enough doubt to make a challenge worthwhile. I read of some challenges and allegations of fraud, but both Republican and Democratic officials interviewed on the major networks said that these were not significant and less than expected.

As a Bush supporter, I celebrate the results of this election. However, my joy is diminished by the knowledge that nearly half of my fellow citizens are feeling poorly. I know that many were seeking vindication or maybe even revenge for what they considered a miscarriage of justice in 2000. Both sides worked hard to win. More Americans voted in this election than ever before. Despite the effort, it looks like it is all over except the shouting and there probably won't be much shouting. This is not a mandate for George Bush, but it is not a razor thin margin either.

I hope the supporters of John Kerry can put this behind them and I fervently hope that George Bush will reach out to prominent Democrats to consult with and serve in his cabinet in positions of real authority. If George Bush wants to leave any legacy at all, it has to be through bipartisanship.

Of course politics doesnít end with any election. Next time will be very exciting for Republicans & Democrats because the field will be wide open. We will undoubtedly have some interesting choices. I am almost contemplating moving to New Hampshire or Iowa so that I can get in on the early action. I am 90% sure to be retired by then and will have plenty of time on my hands.

I have gotten to know and respect a lot of you by your blog names. I would like to keep in touch in person. We all know the positioning among hopeful Republicans started already. Letís talk about it among ourselves and maybe even influence the outcome. If anyone is interested, please email me at johnmatel@yahoo.com. Letís take our experience here to the White House in 2008. (Hyperbole intended)

J(ack) Anthony Matel

Posted by Jack at November 3, 2004 2:59 AM