President Kerry?

Senator Kerry appears to be very competitive in early exit data, leaving the door wide open to the fact that he may be our next President.

Should this turn out to be the case, I would urge my fellow Republicans to give Mr. Kerry a chance, despite his less-than-spectacular background. However, we -should- hold his feet to the fire and make sure that he lives up to the many campaign promises he has made, as well as holding him accountable to the kinds of policies he has attacked. After all, the only thing worse than a liar is a hypocrite. The same goes for President Bush, who has also made quite a few promises and launched quite a few attacks. Both men should be held accountable, even while we give them the respect they deserve.

By this time tomorrow we will have a very good idea of who are next president is.

Depending on the outcome I will post a short series of articles outlining the accusations made by the winning candidate (Bush OR Kerry) as well as the promises made.

It is important that we keep these in mind, because politicians depend on the electorate having a very short memory indeed.

The articles will not be attacks, or defenses, but rather lists, composed in good will, with the hope that we can all agree in principle that politicians should do more of what they say, and say less of what they have no intention of doing.

I hope other members of this site as well as readers will join in the debate, and I urge my fellow citizens to remain calm, respectable, and civil. Whoever wins the election will be our President, like him or not, and we must give him his due, whomever he may be.

Let us write down what we remember of the promises and the attacks from both sides, so that in four years we will have a record of where we stood today, what he hoped today, and what we fought for today. Republican, Democrat, and all points in between, the least we can do for ourselves and our memories is to keep a journal of what we believed in during this election so that we might learn the lessons of the next four years with greater clarity.

Good luck to both candidates. May we get what we deserve.

Posted by Damon Dimmick at November 2, 2004 5:48 PM