After the Election

Where will people stand after the election? Will it depend on the margin of victory? Will it depend on how the election is decided?

This election season has been so full of hate that it is hard to imagine a divided country like ours coming together on anything any time soon.
The hate has been carried forward from the last election. Hate has been fueled on both sides of just about every issue.

We are being told that the country is evenly divided on everything. I find this hard to believe, really.

When reading posts on this web site it is hard to tell if people are defending their Candidate because we are about to vote for a President OR if they are convinced the world will end if the other guy is elected.

Will the battle continue no matter which man wins?

Most people will just go on with their lives and not think about these Election Issues unless they are personally affected or until the next Election.

It's funny to me that in my State the election for Governor is just the opposite. It is the Democrat who lost the jobs on his watch. It is the Democrat who is accused of trying to outsource our jobs to foreigners. (Citizens got wind of this, there was an uproar, and he is taking the credit for stopping it.) Property taxes have gone up and so has the State deficit.

This same arguement is being used by both sides all over the country in Governor and Senate Races.
That shows me that the whole Government is to blame. Not one side or the other.

It also helps my arguement that most all of our Politicians need to be replaced.

I like the way Arnold Swarznegger was speaking in an interview. He exposes people who are for special interests first, and not the people of California. Our whole Government needs to start 'policing' each other and take the interest of our Citizens first.

Maybe some of these 527 Groups will take advantage of this view after the Election, and expose our Politicians on BOTH sides. Let the people know what is really going on and help fix a lot of the problems in our Government.

Posted by Dawn at October 30, 2004 4:20 PM