Four reasons why traditional conservatives should vote Bush

I am not going to tell you who to vote for or tell you that you are wasting your vote on a third-party candidate. Some liberals want their opponents to drop out of the race. I don’t think that is good for anybody. If Bush loses because he lost votes to a third-party, too bad.

At the same time, I know that there are strategic voting measures that people can take and people might be interested in them if they are confident. As a traditional conservative, I want to be confident that my vote will help my cause and I am sure there are other disenchated folks out there as well. I am going to give you the four reasons why I am going to vote for Bush as a traditional/modern/Goldwater conservative.


Let's be frank, the deficit is a problem. We can spin it as a percentage of GDP or whatever, but the fact remains, having a large deficit hurts our economy--especially over the long term. President Bush hasn't done much to help that but let us remember the fallacy of going the other way. Having a ginormous surplus hurts us as bad, if not worse. Why? You are needlessly taking money away from the American public. We are a private sector driven economy for the most part and when the government keeps more than it needs, it means less money for the private sector (the influence for Key economic factors). Kerry keeps pushing the Clinton budget surplus as a good thing. No. We should be shooting for 0% away from our budget line. Not a penny more collected than necessary.

Bush hasn't been spectacular in this department but it can certainly get worse. Kerry is proposing a number of government programs that aim to increase the government beyond the scope that even Bush has pushed it out to. Kerry's way of fixing this (including removing the deficit) is to tax those making more than $200,000. Bush has capped discretionary spending and he has kept his promise to not raise taxes. We are to assume that his hopes are that tax collections will continue to go up as economic growth continues.

As far as social security, Kerry is a joke. Kerry has pledged to senior citizens that nothing will change while he is President, continuing the ponzi scheme for another four years. Obviously, the only thing to do for Kerry to keep it going as is would be to keep pushing up premiums on the young and working while offering no hope for the future. This would break his promise to not raise taxes on the middle class but I would doubt that he would acknowledge that. Bush has continued to say that social security reform is needed but it is quite obvious what he is suggesting is not enough. He also backed down from it before. He recognizes there is a problem that needs to be fixed soon at least. I don't think Bush has the cajones in this area but I at least want to prod him and try.

Foreign Affairs

Let's be honest traditional conservatives, you cringed a tiny bit whenever you knew that going to Iraq was imminent. Even if you were fairly confident like myself, you know of the trouble of being involved in distant wars involves. Bush goes down a notch for that. What it really comes down to for me is his stubbornness when it comes up to giving up decision making powers to the U.N. Yes, Bush may be unpopular abroad but in some cases, he is unpopular for the right reasons. We should always have the sovereignty to make decisions that are best for the United States.

While many conservatives might disagree with Bush's rogue international action abroad in Iraq (haven't found many that didn't think Afghanistan was necessary), I am sure they disagree with Kerry's plan for a global test. Or his blind support for all things U.N. That doesn't fly with me as I would rather our troops not be involved in hundreds of disputes around the world (a la Clinton). Think of the possibilities of Clinton as Secretary General and Kerry as President.

Supreme Court Justices

This alone should be enough to swing many traditionals over to Bush. It looks as though during the next term, two to four justices will be replaced. Bush has pledged to continue to appoint judges who strictly interpret the constitution. Kerry has said that he will only nominate those judges who have shown respect for the right to choose (litmus test). It seems awfully odd to make decisions about court judges based on their respect of several Supreme Court decisions as opposed to their overall view of the law. Judges should be using the Constitution first, court precedents second in judging important matters of our domestic affairs. The right to choose isn't written in our constitution. It has been interpret ted by the courts to be part of the constitutional right to privacy. Just like at one time, slavery was okay because of ensured private property rights. Anyone who doesn't believe that obviously is a civics flunky or in this case, John Kerry.

Health care, education and other domestic policies

Bush has been a little too friendly to liberals in this area which is why it is hard to attack him and make him look like a mean conservative. After all, there is going to be a huge boost on Medicare spending due to a certain Prescription drug bill coming into full effect. There is also the No Child Left Behind act that has pushed the national government to spend more and more unnecessary money at the national level to institute top down programs for schools. Of course, the important question for Kerry is how he can top this. He can of course.

In the health care area, he is planning on giving people $1,000 break on their medical insurance premiums. How is he going to do this? Well, I'm not too sure but that's okay because Kerry doesn't seem so sure either. He is also interested in some version of nationalized health care which is sure to be a huge drain on our economy and would eventually come under the same heading as Social Security and Medicare: non-negotiable entitlements that will hurt us in the long run. His plan to reimport drugs from Canada has our neighbors to the north worried about supply problems. Don't think that they won't protect their own when it comes down to it.

When it comes down to education, he wants to spend more on an essentially state provided after-school care facility with his open till six school policy. Keeping our schools open an extra three to four hours including staffing and the additional transportation need is a huge, unneeded drain on the economy and educational funding.

In short, I know there are lots of reasons to not be excited about Bush and that I know that many of the people I know who share similar viewpoints are looking towards 2008 regardless of the outcome. I think Kerry could be responsible for some irreversible damage if he is elected and regardless of whether or not we can get a budget hawk into the White House in 2008, having another Warren court or having another entitlement program in nationalized health care isn't going to help. Real changes in 2008 for traditionals might have Bush as our only hope.

Though I can certainly see where one can disagree, I am not going to cast a stone against a person who votes for someone else. Bush could have fulfilled his promises and made voting for him easier. If he loses this election, he loses it because he didn't deserve it. I am not going to make any Nader excuses like the other community if Bush loses.

Also, I'll add this before I leave. If you are interested in still having someone vote for Badnarik (I am assuming this is the choice of most disenchanted conservatives), you can go to and sign up to pair with another user in a "safe" state. Granted they want you to vote for Kerry but I am not too worried about the repercussions of voting for Bush.

I could always say the butterfly ballot tricked me.

Posted by Lance T. Haun at October 30, 2004 2:22 AM