Osama's Election Bomb

Osama bin Laden couldnít send us a bomb, so he sent at tape to disrupt our election. The pundits are falling over themselves to predict if the evil old criminal was trying to help Kerry or Bush. Letís not read too much into this.

This man is a mass murderer and enemy of the civilization. The American people were not intimidated when he bombed our buildings and we should not be swayed by his words. Maybe he wants Kerry will win; maybe he wants Bush to stay; probably he doesnít much care who wins, but only wants to produce fear, hatred and confusion in the United States.

Those of you who planned to vote for John Kerry, please vote for him still. Bush supporters should continue to support George Bush. As for you third party people, I wish you would pick a side. This is probably not a good time to use your vote to make a point. The worst thing that could happen is for this election to be too close to call. As a George Bush supporter, I prefer a clear Kerry victory to a deadlock that divides our country at a time like this. Seeing Osama bin Laden again reminded me of one thing: we have to remain united against these bad guys. Let renewed unity against this menace be the result of his attempt to manipulate our election.

Posted by Jack at October 29, 2004 8:45 PM