Talking to Democrats - Introduction

Dog Park people are uniformly pleasant souls. Iím not kidding. Every single one that I have ever met has been a nice person with a good heart and charitable disposition. If you think I am less than serious, consider what these good people do Ė for their dogs. They rise early in the morning, endure traffic and the vagaries of weather, often forsaking their own breakfasts and personal comforts — to do what? They take their dogs to a park where they release them from their leashes and give them liberty. Liberty! Liberty!

And then they do it again in the evening.

What kind of people so value liberty that they will endure hardship, discomfort, and daily demands on their busy work schedule to convey that precious freedom to a dog? Dog Park People; thatís who.

Pastorius Park in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, is a dog park; and itís where I walk our familyís dog, Pocket. Pastorius is the most popular dog park (so far as I know) in the city. Scores of dogs frequent it daily Ė loving masters in tow. In its simple, down-to-earth, practical delivery of liberty, the most precious of Godís gifts to the world, Pastorius has become, I believe, a microcosm of what is best about the American soul. It is my plan to convey to you, dear readers, what I am learning from these freedom-loving folks (and their dogs).

And here is the kicker - most of them are Democrats. Thatís to be expected in Philadelphia Ė right? If there is any chance for a conservative Republican, like myself, to learn how to talk to liberal Democrats, itís going to be found at Pastorius Park. More reports are on the way. Stay tuned.

Posted by Timothy M. Beckham at October 26, 2004 10:26 AM