Support the troops: Vote for Bush

It’s clear that the troops overwhelmingly support Bush and the mission in Iraq. The suggestion that you can support the troops but not the mission is nothing but empty sophistry. The troops would rather have you support them and their mission!

Who do you trust more to handle the responsibilities of commander in chief of the military: George W. Bush or John Kerry? George W. Bush: 69%, or John Kerry: 24% annenberg

...and it doesn't stop there, on almost every question the military preferred Bush to Kerry by the same margins.

On particular traits, the military sample gave Bush an advantage on caring, leadership, sharing their values, knowledge, consistency and optimism. They did consider Bush more stubborn. [A positive trait in my mind, especially in wartime.]

...When asked if the country was “going in the right direction” or was “seriously off on the wrong track,” 64 percent of the military sample said “right track” and 31 percent said “wrong direction.” In the general population a majority said “wrong track”; 55 percent took that view compared to 37 percent who said “right direction.”

...When it came to the war in Iraq, 64 percent of the military sample said the situation had been worth going to war over, while 32 percent said it had not. Of those who served in Iraq, Afghanistan or nearby, a smaller share, only 55 percent, said the war had been worth it; 40 percent said it had not. In the general population, 45 percent said the war had been worth it and 51 percent said it had not.

Kerry, who fought in Vietnam as a young man, and then made blanket statements that US soldiers were war criminals, says he is ready to be commander-in-chief. Yet our Armed Forces clearly would prefer that he not be.

They know Kerry would not be a very good C-in-C, and does not have a plan for Iraq.

Do you think John Kerry has a clear plan for bringing the situation in Iraq to a successful conclusion, or don't you think so? Has a clear plan: 16%, Does not have a clear plan: 74%

67% Approve of of the way George W. Bush is handling his job as President.
54% Have an unfavorable opinion of John Kerry.
64% Said Bush shares their values.
47% Thought Kerry was 'reckless'.

You can read the entire pdf report here. (207k)

Posted by Eric Simonson at October 15, 2004 1:49 PM