Is it RIGHT? or is it WRONG?

Can someone PLEASE tell me who it was that decided that our government (really us,the taxpayer) should pay for every research project, study, and idea that anyone has?

There used to be a time in our country when people went out and asked for donations to fund their projects and ideas. What happened? Has it just become much easier to go to the U.S. Government for the money?

I ask this because of the issue of Stem Cell Research.

People seem to forget that our Government's money comes from ALL of us.

The Dilemma:
There are people in our country that are against destroying embryos for Stem Cell Research.
There are people all for this.

How can our government go against the wishes of the people that are against the destruction of these embryos and pay for it?
How can our government not pay for it because there are some who want it?

The Solution:

The government should not ban the research and should not pay for all of it either.

It's not like the ones against it can keep their tax dollars from going towards it. That's not fair to them.
There are enough people in our country who support this research. People who would gladly open their pocketbooks to help fund this research. If the supporters would ask, they may end up with more money than the government would give.

The people who these embryos belong to should decide what happens to them. Not some politician.

There is a box on our tax returns to fund the Presidential Campaign. Why can't there be one to fund Stem Cell Research along with the amount of your donation?
Because we can't trust our government to actually put the money where it was meant to go?
How would we know how much was actually donated in this way? How would we know that OUR Government didn't take some of the money to build a golf course somewhere for a retiring Congressman?

How about attaching a cancelled check to our tax returns and being able to deduct it from taxes owed -100% ? This way it would come from tax money of people who want the government to fund the research and it would go where it is meant to go.

Our Politicians would hate this idea but it sounds good to me. What would happen if half of us decide to send our whole tax bill to this research? The Politicians would want a limited amount to go to the research. I guess that is understandable. That should not stop additional donations that should be tax deductible.

Posted by Dawn at October 14, 2004 2:21 PM