Rice Shines

Condoleeza Rice gives straight forward answers about why the U.S. would still have removed Saddam Hussein.

Condoleeza Rice was interviewed by Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace'.

What I got out of it was:

France, Germany and Russia owe the U.S. an apology. We don't need to beg their forgiveness.

While we were wrong about the state of the weapons program at the time of the Iraq War we were not wrong about Saddam being an imminent threat. A term that Edwards placed on the situation in Iraq - not Bush. Imminent does not give a specific date or timeline.

France, Germany and Russia were actively working to help Saddam Hussein get the sanctions lifted. Their all important votes would have made this possible. It has been shown now that Saddam Hussein had intended to start up his weapons programs. This is something that would have made him more of a threat to the U.S..
I still think Bush was right ..... Read on.

Here is the link to the interview with Condoleeza Rice.

Here are some statements from the interview:

Rice said:
"Now, the entire world the former administration, the Clinton administration, certainly intelligence services around the world, our own and others thought that he likely had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.

Because we invaded the country, because we were able to interview the scientists and get the documents that Saddam Hussein refused to get to the United Nations, we now know that he did not have those stockpiles. But at the time, everyone believed that that was the threat.

What we learned in the Duelfer report what that there was another kind of grave and growing threat, and that was that Saddam Hussein was sitting there gaming the system, that he was undermining the sanctions, that he was amassing a huge fortune, that he never gave up his ambitions for weapons of mass destruction. He was keeping in place the expertise. He was keeping in place some of the materials.

He intended that, when the world looked the other way, when sanctions were lifted and he was actively undermining them, they were eroding he intended to rebuild his weapons of mass destruction programs. He would have been free to do so, and then we would have faced an even graver threat, a Saddam Hussein freed of international constraints with all of his ambitions intact for the Middle East.

It was time to take care of this threat. You were never going to break the link between Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction. It was only a matter of time. And it is a pre-September 11th way of thinking to say, "Well, we would have just waited to see whether we could have kept these imperfect sanctions in place."

Kerry/Edwards are basing everything they say on what we know now. We don't hear them talking about the Oil for Food Scandal and what Saddam Husseins true intentions were. Just that there were no WMD's and it was a mistake.
Kerry/Edwards don't have an answer for all the rest of it because they would lose the 'mistake' arguement.

Bush is still right and Kerry is still wrong.

Posted by Dawn at October 10, 2004 5:49 PM