The New Nam

In the weekly radio address to the nation, Sen. Pelosi says that we need to face reality when it comes to Iraq. She also claimed that Republicans were using a “politics of fear” to convince voters that they are the right choice.

For once I agree with Sen. Pelosi!

We do need to face reality when it comes to Iraq. No matter how much the Democrats would like to believe that these insurgencies are going to end with increased international presence (namely France and Germany), the fact is that they aren't. Our troops will continue to be at risk until they come home. There seems to be a sprinkling of stories popping up talking about progress made in Iraq but folks, that's isn't reality. What interim Prime Minister Allawi said about the insurgency being held to three of the country's 18 provinces, that isn't reality. And while Democrats continue to slam the fact that neither Bush or Allawi want to face reality, they have offered no effective solution in return.

That's the difference, Bush has faced reality. He is the grownup looking at the whole picture of the good, the bad and everything in between. Democrats seem interested in one thing: deaths. That's it. If they keep slamming home the fact that we have lost over 1,000 troops over the course of...well, a year and a half, they might be able to pull off a coherent message. But it is one of abandoning ship when our work has only just begun.

As far as playing the fear card, Democrats have been doing it so long and calling it "the truth" that it is high time that Republicans start fighting back. If Kerry is elected, I would feel less safe. I'm not alone, and Cheney was echoing these sentiments. This coming from the mouthpiece of the party who had the courage to draw up a draft bill and then pin it on Republicans?

Who's playing the fear card Pelosi?

Posted by Lance T. Haun at September 25, 2004 4:18 PM