Kerry and his Loopholes

Kerry plans to close the loopholes that give BIG tax breaks to the companies that move their workforce overseas. ( Maybe a few little ones here and there won’t hurt.)
Promises. Promises.

Let's discuss this for the new people in the class. They may have missed it.

Just how does he plan to do this? Who voted these loopholes in? Why were they put there in the first place?
Does he know for certain that the people who put them there are ready to take them out ? or maybe they are gone from office? ( Not possible ... once someone gets into office they hardly ever leave. )

What sort of promises and/or compromises will he have to make to get this done? Did he earn enough favors over his 20 years in the Senate to do this without having to promise anything in return?

Maybe this will be his one 'freebie' that a new President receives before he has to start fighting for anything and everything else.

Our Founding Fathers messed up when they said a President could only be in office for 4 years before having to go through another election. Back then, when we were a new country, 4 years was a long time. ( I know. To the Democrats right now it is an eternity.)
They didn't know that 200+ years later the President was going to spend the 1st year setting up his administration and the 4th year campaigning.
I don't know how we expect anyone to get anything done like that.
They should get 6 years so they can have a full 4 years to mess things up ! Republican or Democrat.
And don't worry Dems. Bush couldn't possibly pass that for himself.

Posted by Dawn at September 20, 2004 2:55 PM