Both Parties Are Winning

The Republicans and Democrats are both doing the same thing. They are trying to strengthen their base while at the same time going after the undecided.
Americans are arguing over which party is better.
Is either party better?
We are destroying ourselves from within.

We hear that our country has never been so divided. How did this happen?

The media reminds us constantly that people are voting strictly for their party. Is this actually true?

One party should not have more power over the other. Our country is supposed to be ruled by the majority. Just because 1 or 2 issues a party stands for go with the majority doesn't mean they represent the majority of us on other things.

Is there anyone who actually believes in everything one party or the other stands for? How many people actually know what the parties stand for besides the main issues that are dragged up every 4 years?

If one party takes a stand on something the other party seems to automatically take the other side.

Look ahead. Depending on who wins the White House and what happens the next 4 years there may be a major shift from one party to the other.

Posted by Dawn at September 16, 2004 10:03 AM