Voter Suppression

Americans are not going to stand by and allow these acts of voter suppression! Acts which we’re hearing about again in this election. Democrats are already planning to try and invalidate, throw out, and suppress the military vote just like they did in Florida in 2000. The DNC and the Kerry campaign are already setting up teams of lawyers to do just that throughout the United States in an effort to cheat in this election as they tried to do in 2000.

Kerry has a team of lawyers to examine possible voting problems to try to prevent a repeat of the 2000 election disputes. He also has said he has thousands of lawyers around the country prepared to monitor the polls on election day.

"What they did in Florida in 2000, some say they may be planning to do this year in battleground states all across this country," Kerry said. "Well, we are here to let them know that we will fight tooth and nail to make sure that this time, every vote is counted and every vote counts."

Except overseas military ballots.

Allow me to interpret some of Kerry's phraseology:
"possible voting problems" meaning Bush voters
"repeat of 2000 election" meaning not enough military ballots thrown out
"monitor the polls on election day" meaning Bush voter intimidation
"some say" meaning foreign leaders I can't mention by name
"every vote counted" meaning every vote for Kerry counted

"What they did in Florida in 2000, some say they may be planning to do this year in battleground states all across this country..." Anyone familiar with the psychological term projection?

"On Meet the Press this morning, running mate Joseph Lieberman insisted that every vote should count. He declined the opportunity, however, to disavow the activities of campaign lawyers and political functionaries who are treating military ballots like nothing more than junk mail. According to the New York Times (Nov. 19), Broward County discarded 77% of military ballots (304 of 396). In Dade County, only 3 ballots out of 110 were accepted, but 39 felons were allowed to cast counted votes. (Robert Novak, CNN Nov. 18)

"This affront to men and women in uniform, some of whom may have voted for candidates in other close races, marks a new low in an increasingly disreputable campaign. Regardless of his own self-interest, the Vice President should be defending the rights of military voters, instead of disenfranchising them.

"In heavily-Democratic counties, Gore operatives have demanded the acceptance of questionable votes on the slightest pretext. Some officials have "divined" and counted "dimpled chads," sometimes on cards punched only for candidates running for other offices. newsmax

...Democratic lawyers successfully disqualified approximately 1,400 overseas absentee ballots in Florida. Many of the targeted ballots were from military voters, and many of these were disqualified because they lacked postmarks as required by Florida law.

...The lawsuit brought by Democratic voters sought to eliminate enough ballots to change the election results in Vice President Al Gore's favor. Republican George W. Bush led by less than 200 votes as election challenges continued in the U.S. Supreme Court and elsewhere Monday.

''While Florida law seems to favor counting ballots, this change would take away the votes of thousands of Florida citizens - including members of America's armed forces on duty outside of the country pursuant to the nation's orders - who, to cast their ballots, just did what they were told by Florida's election officials,'' the appeals court said.

The appeals court rejected the claims of lawyers representing 13 individual Democratic voters whose lawsuits were combined before Paul.

The lawsuits claimed that state and federal laws, along with the U.S. Constitution, require all ballots to be received by the close of the polls on Election Day.

Roger Bernstein, a New York lawyer for the voters, said an appeal was likely.

''The decision seems inconsistent with the enacted laws of Florida,'' he said.

...The Democrats are already stonewalling the effort. Theresa Petrone, a Democrat election commissioner in Chicago, advised the Associated Press that it would take "emergency legislation" for her board to count military ballots dated appropriately for November 2nd but received only days after the deadline.

There is no doubt of the Democratic effort to throw out Military votes in the 2000 Florida election. It is a fact. But there is no such evidence that Republicans disenfranchised black voters in Florida whatsoever. Even the anecdotal evidence is bad. Kerry's new slanderous charges amounts to calling Republicans rascists without any proof and without any reason to do so except to win an election by any means necessary, morality be damned.

I guess if you believe the enemy is evil enough the end justifies the means?

"Let me tell you, we've just begun to fight," Kerry said. "We're going to keep pounding. These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen. It's scary." -John F. Kerry
Posted by Eric Simonson at September 15, 2004 3:48 PM