Does the DNC want Kerry?

I find it hard to believe that the DNC actually wants Kerry to win the White House. They do not want to talk about why Kerry is the better candidate. Why he would make a better President.

Could it be that they really don’t want him to win?

Just about every time a Kerry supporter is being interviewed and is asked a direct question about Kerry and what he plans to do as President the answer has nothing to do with Kerry.

The majority of the campaign for Kerry centers around Bush bashing and Kerry being a war hero.

You would think that the DNC would be driving home why he would be better than Bush and not spending the majority of their time putting down the President.

I know ... Kerry would make a better President because he is a war hero. It seems to be the only reason they can come up with.

The 30 year old questions I want answered are:

Why did Kerry take a home movie camera with him to Vietnam? and ...

(This I don't know as factual. It just appears this way to me.)

Why did he get out of there as fast as he possibly could?

What is the DNC really up to?
Why do we have a political party trashing our sitting President with so much anger?
I wonder how this looks to the rest of the world.
It has got to be very encouraging to our enemies and those who just want to be able to say, 'See. The government of the U.S.A. is not so wonderful.'

Posted by Dawn at September 14, 2004 10:24 PM