Fortunate Son, It just Doesn’t Matter

Today the Democratic Party released its “Fortunate Son” video. The video implies that President Bush lied about his service in the National Guard and repeats the unsupported allegations that Bush did not meet his obligations to the National Guard.

Unbelievably, the video even contains part of the thoroughly discredited Dan Rather interviewing the even more thoroughly discredited Ben Barnes.

Why can't the Kerry campaign understand that most voters do not care what either President Bush or Kerry did thirty years ago. What is truly important, and what really matters is what they will do in the next four years if elected to the presidency this November. It doesn't matter that Kerry was awarded medals for valor during his four months of commanding a swift boat. It does not matter that president Bush flew for the National Guard. It doesn't even matter if President Bush somehow didn't completely fulfill his obligation to the National Guard as the Kerry Campaign, Dan Rather and CBS would have us believe.

No, what matters is what either candidate will do if chosen to lead the free world in the global war against terrorism for the next four years. The best guide for predicting how they will do that is to look at what the two candidates have done more recently, not thirty years ago.

This is easy concerning President Bush. He has taken the fight to the evil doers who knocked down the towers of the World Trade Center. He has set in motion a grand strategy for eliminating the root causes of terrorism by bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East and Afghanistan. President Bush has been as steady as a rock pursuing this grand strategy.

Predicting what Kerry would do is not so easy. Mrs Kerry says Kerry is more flexible than President Bush. She's right, but that is not a good thing. Kerry has demonstrated that he is unable to take a principled stand on any issue and stick to it. I will give Kerry the benefit of the doubt and assume that his penchant for taking both sides of each and every issue is because he sees the complexity of the issue, rather than being the result of political pandering. A leader doesn't lead by nuance. A leader has to be able to take a stand, stick to it, and pursue it. Kerry has not demonstrated that ability

We are a nation at war. In times of war people want someone strong and decisive for a leader, not necessarily someone who can take a position they agree with on every issue. Recent Gallup polling bears that out.

Posted by Dan Spencer at September 14, 2004 9:19 PM