"Opponents are idiots"

This ABC news poll puts the President at 52%, Kerry at 43%. When John Kerry is getting pounded on national security he tries to change the subject by saying that the war on terror is draining needed funds for healthcare. Can this kind of nuance help the Kerry campaign recover?

It should be noted, moreover, that nearly six in 10 Americans believe the Iraq war is part of the war on terrorism. Add them to the “terrorism” tally and it surpasses the economy as the top issue in the election.
Vote preferences follow some of these issue priorities. Among those who say terrorism is the No. 1 issue, Bush has an 80-point lead. Among those who say it's Iraq, Kerry leads by 34 points; and his lead is similar among those who say it's the economy. The nation's response to terrorism continues to be the essential wellspring of Bush's support. abcnews.com

Clinton's Kerry-campaign saboteurs advisors are trying to undo the damage of Kerry's convention focus on Vietnam by accentuating the only positive they can cling to-- perceived Democratic strength on domestic issues. But is Kerry helping himself or causing more self-inflicted wounds?

Democrat John Kerry, campaigning in Des Moines today, worked to refocus the presidential debate on the kitchen-table issues with a blistering indictment of the Bush administration's health-care policies, after spending the past week defending his positions on national security and terrorism.

But the Massachusetts senator also managed to meld his increasingly strong criticism of the president's handling of the situation in Iraq with domestic policy, accusing Bush of squandering billions on Iraq at the peril of domestic priorities. desmoinesregister.com

He might as well have said that, "Bush's wrong war, at the wrong time, in the wrong place, which I voted for, is leaving America without the resources we need here at home." (The preceding was a simulated Kerry quote.)

The crack campaign team could have said the aforementioned, but alas they did not. Instead, Theresa (Teh-RAY'-zah) Heinz Kerry said something even better.

...her husband's health care plan is so good, "only an idiot" could oppose it. ...then again, "there are idiots" out there.

...[she] says it's so strong she doesn't have to sell it. wqad.com

Keep 'not selling it' like that, Theresa!

Once again, because it bears repeating, John Kerry voted for the war (and still would?) before he ran against it. Give war a chance, candidate Kerry, give war a chance!

Posted by Eric Simonson at September 10, 2004 2:58 AM