On the Ropes

Like a heavyweight boxer, John Kerry is on the ropes. The first sign of trouble was the substantial jab to the candidate’s credibility by the Swift Vets that has left his camp dazed and confused. Next came the tremendous body blow last evening by fellow Democratic Senator Zell Miller that has shaken the legs and quite possible could leave his campaign gasping for breath. The question will be whether President Bush can deliver the knockout punch tonight while accepting his party’s nomination.

Even if you don't trust the Swift Vets claims and discount them as partisan and subjective, it is hard to rebut your own past statements. Out of all the ads produced by the Swiftees, the most damaging is the third with the heavy use of Kerry's own anti-war statements. Kerry himself is admitting that it has left his campaign in trouble by his "reorganization" taking place among his handlers.

Last evening's keynote address by a fellow Democrat was a stunning indictment of not only the Democratic Party, but of Kerry himself. With the spin going in full force, make no mistake, it was terribly damaging to Kerry with the swing vote. Of course Republicans were in bliss and Democrats were left scrambling to put the best spin they could on a disastrous situation.

In their attempts to minimize the damage, the Democrats revealed their stunning hypocrisy. Here is what I mean:

  • When a Republican comes forward and challenges another party member, the press and the Democratic Party come forth and call that person a hero with strong moral convictions. When a Democrat comes forward and does the same against his own, he is a traitor and treated as such.

  • When a Republican changes party affiliation such as Jim Jeffords, Democrats claim it to be a strong rebuke of the harsh policies of the Republican Party. Yet when Democrat Zell Miller endorses Republican President George W. Bush, they criticize him as "not really a Democrat" or claim that he is so for name sake only. Miller has said that he will die a Democrat.

  • When the Republicans have speakers such as McCain, Schwarzenegger, Miller and such; the Democrats claim that the GOP is putting people up to speak who don't agree with the party platform. Yet the Democrats shun every pro-life, pro-gun, pro-tax cut member from even speaking at their own convention. Find me one person on either side of the aisle who agrees 100% with everything in their party's platform.

  • When the Republicans point out past remarks of John Kerry that are of public record, the Democrats call that a smear. In anticipation for last nights speech, the Democrats put out a nice little video about Senator Miller trying to use past statements to contradict what he was going to say last evening. Why is one a smear yet the other one perfectly acceptable?

    Democrat Zell Miller was on fire last night, speaking with passionate anger about a party he feels betrayed by. He is a conservative Democrat who is being shut out of the so called party of inclusion. Most of his points were right on and very effective coming from a fellow party member. While the network anchors such as Peter Jennings were dismissing Miller as "old and soon retiring", swing voters were taking note. Others were dismissing his delivery style, yet if you look at his keynote address from the 1992 Democratic National Convention it is the same.

    In an election where every single vote is needed, Kerry cannot afford to lose the swing voters to an opponent already beginning a surge in the polls.

    The plain truth is that the GOP played their pocket aces last night. It was a brilliant move and now they need the president to complete the sale. Last night was the case against Kerry, followed tonight by the president making his case for another four years.

    The argument about Kerry's confusion over conviction last evening points to a troubling fact for his campaign. While you are often able to fly under the radar as Senator and make a decision that doesn't play out well, you are not given that luxury as commander in chief. You must be decisive and resolute. Last night made it clear that Kerry's voting record is an albatross that will be hard for the voter to ignore.

    All of the spin going on since last night shows one truth for the Democrats. There are indeed "Two Americas". One that buys their spin and misdirection on the issues, and one that doesn't.

    Posted by Timothy Perry at September 2, 2004 11:19 AM