Young Conservatives: The Right's New Influence

I did an entry here a few weeks ago on Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference, an annual summer event which I attended this year for the first time. The conference was a great experience; I learned some new things, met some great people, and had the opportunity to hear from and interact with many well-known conservative and libertarian leaders.

I wanted to provide here a link to the article in the current issue of Time magazine about our conference; this piece, by reporter John Cloud, also covers the growing influence of traditional conservative and libertarian influences on our nation’s youth, and on college campuses.

The article - labeled "Young Conservatives: Diverse, well-funded, and siding with the right" - is currently featured with a photo at the top of Time's home page:

The Right's New Wing
Diverse and well funded, the next generation of conservatives is winning battles on campus. But not all are fighting for George W. Bush

There are a few inaccuracies, but the article is pretty fair. I will be commenting some more at my own blog about the conference speakers, the many important topics they addressed, my thoughts on those matters, and about the overlying related issues concering the state of the conservative movement and the Republican Party. But for now, please take a look at that article... Some die-hard Bush partisans probably don't like that piece, but from what I've seen, many conservatives think that it gives a fair portrayal of the current youth conservative movement. The great conservative writer Dan Flynn, who spoke at the conference, and was quoted in the article, had earlier expressed concerns that the piece would reflect a liberal bias, but once it was published, he thought that it was balanced and interesting... See Mr. Flynn's thoughts about these matters here and here. I am glad to see that, like myself and other traditionalist conservatives, Mr. Flynn was also critical of that somewhat-famous New York Times Magazine article on "The Young Hipublicans" - that one, I think would be much more liked by lockstep partisans, Bush backers, and neoconservatives, but other conservatives would probably like this Time piece better.

Despite a long-standing left-wing prevalance, it seems that those of us who are conservatives and libertarians are increasing our influence in American academia, and among our fellow citizens of this generation. Even some liberals have recently pointed this out. Young conservatives like myself are greatly indebted to those national conservative organizations that are oriented towards the campuses and youth of our country. Thank you so much for what you are doing, and please keep up the great work.

Posted by Aakash at August 28, 2004 3:56 PM