peace loving free speech or hit list?

Today we are releasing a list of delegates to the 2004 Republican National Convention. This list includes the names, address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of RNC delegates in addition to what hotel each one is staying at during their invasion of New York City.

“The earth is not dying, it is being killed. And those that are killing it have names and addresses.” — Utah Phillips

Ah, the voice of the people. The liberal grassroots. The 'peace' protestors. The revolutionary vanguard. To what peaceful end does the dissemination of this information bring about? The list plus the animus attached to the people on the list does not suggest good and happy things for the people on the list does it?

At the 2004 Republican National Convention, the self-appointed managers of the world will be discussing their party platform of racism, imperialism and the violent suppression of human liberty. They will proudly renominate the unelected president of an illegitimate government. For the past four years, in the United States, we have seen a terrifying increase in racism against Arabs and Muslinms, the passage of the draconian USA PATRIOT Act, handouts to the rich that would make Reagan blush, millions of lost jobs, and an accelerated continuation of the war against the poor and the oppressed. Abroad, the Empire has claimed the stage of history as its own, even ignoring many of its old imperial allies, invaded two sovereign states, started a bogus “War on Terror”, overseen a coup in Haiti, attempted to overthrow the Venezuelan government, overseen, aided, and authorized the brutal and illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, and generally accelerated and intensified an already belligerent imperial system of domination which threatens the Earth and all its peoples. In short, the violent expansion of this rotten system is on one side, and all of us on the other...

Our objectives are to:
- Supply anti-RNC groups with data on the delegates to use in whatever way they see fit.
- Supply a body of information that can be easily added to.
- Encourage the republishing and redistribution of this data.
- Facilitate making local connections. Many of these delegates are involved in politics and business on a town or county level.

Today's fringe left is fringeing further to the left than ever it seems. Democrats did a good job of avoiding this kind of Al Gore, Kucinich, Michael Moore, Ted Rall, "GOP: drop dead," ranting that has been ubiquitous during the Bush administration. Will the Republican convention be where this seething hatred becomes non-non-violent? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

While I don't think Kerry would embrace indymedia's hit list, or violence in any form in our political process, how different are the above indymedia statements from the rhetoric of the Kerry campaign and many of his anybody-but-bush supporters? All I'm saying is that maybe the left should think about pulling back the Bush is Hitler, Bush is a liar, fraud, unelected, proto-dictator, and fascist rhetoric before someone goes too far with it and actually acts on the environment of hate and negative emotion created by such statements.

President Bush has governed in a dishonest fashion, trampling values on every issue except fighting terrorism and leaving voters "clamoring for restoration of credibility and trust in the White House again," John F. Kerry and John Edwards said in an interview.

"The value of truth is one of the most central values in America, and this administration has violated" it, Kerry said in an interview with The Washington Post aboard the Democrats' campaign plane Friday. "Their values system is distorted and not based on truth."

The Democratic nominee and his running mate said it was that kind of anger toward the president that prompted entertainers at Thursday's Democratic fundraising concert in New York to attack Bush as a "cheap thug" and a killer. "Obviously some performers, in my judgment and John's, stepped over a line neither of us believes appropriate, but we can't control that," Kerry said. "On the other hand, we understand the anger, we understand the frustration."

Edwards said scathing anti-Bush attacks such as the concert and Michael Moore's new film "Fahrenheit 9/11" reflect an "expression by folks with genuine feelings," adding, "Thank goodness in our country they have a right to express those feelings." washingtonpost

Posted by Eric Simonson at August 20, 2004 4:05 AM