Kerry's Speech - Hopeless

Kerry’s speech was underwhelming.

I already knew he served in Vietnam, but I didn’t realize that in four months in Vietnam you could learn everything you need to know to be president. That was the impression I was left with after watching the speech.

I read the Kerry speech and saw there was more to it - bashing of President Bush.

The speech left me feeling uninspired and hopeless.

For a comparison, I located and read a copy of President Bush's 2000 acceptance speech. that speech I find uplifting and hopeful. It's ironic that Kerry's speech with the repeated refrain "hope is on the way" could leave one feeling hopeless.

Kerry's speech wasn't lousy, but it wasn't nearly as good as it needed to be. As the Associated Press reports that "Kerry still needs to connect with voters:"

Despite the convention's high spirits, though, Democrats are worried. They are unsure whether Kerry can beat the notion - reinforced by nearly $100 million in Republican ads - that he's an indecisive liberal, that he would weaken national security.

Bush's campaign strategist Matthew Dowd says Kerry has failed to sell himself.

That's it, Kerry may have connected with the delegates, but he didn't connect with or sell himself to the voters.

Posted by Dan Spencer at July 30, 2004 1:44 AM