Kerry-Bin Laden Bumper Stickers

In Kentucky, a bumper sticker reading: “Kerry is bin Laden’s Man. Bush is Mine” is creating a ruckus. The Associated Press reports:

Jefferson County GOP chairman Jack Richardson IV said the stickers were so popular that GOP headquarters ran out Friday. He won’t distribute more, but is trying to locate their source for those who want them. “I believe in the question this bumper sticker raises,” Richardson said.

Bill Garmer, chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party, said the sticker equates a decorated Vietnam veteran with Osama bin Laden - "one of the greatest enemies of the United States."

"It goes way over the line," he said.

A spokesman for the Kerry campaign previously called on GOP lawmakers to condemn the sticker, saying it was a "hateful and mean-spirited smear campaign."

I have mixed feelings about this. I want to say it's just a bumper sticker, if you don't like what it says, shake your head and keep driving. Of course that's too simple. On the one hand I complained that Kerry went to far when he said "These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group of people I've ever seen." In "Kerry Owes America An Apology," I lamented:

If this election is to be a meaningful debate about the conduct of the war against terrorism and other important issues, the outrageous and slanderous name calling must stop. Reasoned debate requires a modicum of decorum. Accusing a sitting president of corruption and lying, without any supporting evidence, is not the sort of "debate" I expect from a former attorney general who is a U.S. Senator and wants to be president.

I had a similar response when Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg called Vice President Dick Cheney a "chicken hawk." I posted "Senator Lautenberg Is old Enough To Know Better," Complaining about the name calling I said:

I long for a meaningful debate on issues such as how best to defend the country, how to win the war against terror, education policy, and immigration reform.

On the other hand the bumper sticker is a little different. President Bush didn't say it. Nor did any U.S. Senator. Those using the bumper stickers for the most part are ordinary citizens, and with the number of ludicrous anti-bush stickers out there, I say turnabout is fair play. However, in this case you have a regional GOP headquarters distributing the stickers, suggesting party support (even if it is for just this location).

While the bumper sticker probably goes too far it does raise an interesting issue, which candidate do the evil doers want to win the election? I wish I felt the answer was the evil doers don't have a preference. But I think they do have a preference, I think with all the anti war propaganda espoused by the Democrats, the evil doers would prefer that President Bush lose the election.

From California Yankee.

Posted by Dan Spencer at July 20, 2004 6:04 PM