Nadir of Congressional Black Caucus?

(Ooops, early senility had me misidentify CBC as NAACP, an understandable error, NOT because they “look alike” in the evil stereotype, but because they share a coarse chip-on-shoulder partisanship of a community interest group diminished into a hectoring clique of establishment left-PC-ism.) Anyway: if this is what passes for constructive dialogue within the progressive left in campaign season, I am almost glad to be part of the mean-spirited right, and proud that Bush refused to speak to the similarly over-partisan NAACP. It looks like the Congressional Black Caucus reached its nadir, so to speak, with Ralph Nader, who was reportedly called an “arrogant white man” and then tossed out amidst Cheneyesque political colloqualisms.

Posted by Matthew Hogan at July 18, 2004 2:50 PM