Kerry's Real Campaign Strategy

In the 2000 election the Gore campaign tried to steal the election in Florida by having democratic counties recount false ballots. Kerry looks like he will attempt this strategy again.

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry announced the creation of a SWAT team of election lawyers Monday in a bid to combat the kind of voting irregularities that occurred in Florida four years ago and contributed to the disputed election of President Bush by one electoral vote. []

If the election is close, as it looks like it will be, expect Kerry to send out the lawyers to attain his crown.

A comprehensive study of the 2000 presidential election in Florida suggests that if the U.S. Supreme Court had allowed a statewide vote recount to proceed, Republican candidate George W. Bush would still have been elected president.

...In releasing the report, the consortium said it is in no way trying to rewrite history or challenge the official result -- that Bush won Florida by 537 votes.

...Suppose that Gore got what he originally wanted -- a hand recount in heavily Democratic Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Volusia counties. The study indicates that Gore would have picked up some additional support but still would have lost the election -- by a 225-vote margin statewide. []

If the illegal and highly partisan recount in Palm Beach had gone forward with the slanted standards they were using-- every ballot whether marked or not was a vote for Gore-- the study concluded Gore might have had a 42 vote margin. But partisan democratic officials were counting double punched ballots as a vote for Gore.

Posted by Eric Simonson at July 13, 2004 11:33 AM