Told Ya! Campaign Finance Reform Follies And Michael Moore

In an earlier entry, I was only speculating that Al Franken’s partisanship could make Air America run afoul of campaign finance reform restriction madness. Well, it looks like the efforts to “take money out of politics” or deprive the “rich Republicans” of a fund-raising advantage are coming ‘round…to hit Michael Moore! That’s right, the link reveals that a legal brief in the FEC seems to say that Moore has to be gagged for the sake of electoral fairness.

Now, I don't like Moore, even as I reserve (and avoid in this partisan GOP column) deep even angry skepticism of the wisdom the Iraq war. But he ought to be freely allowed to advertise and disseminate his propa--, excuse me, point of view whatever it may be without government restriction. But this is the inevitable poetic justice, or rather poetic injustice, of the "money is not speech" and "stop those rich Republican corporations" falsity of the campaign finance reform arguments.

I mean, did the Declaration of Idependence say that its signers mutually pledge for their cause their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor "but only up to $1000 per person"?

(BTW, without necessarily agreeing with Christopher Hitchens on key points, he does a good job of taking on Moore at Slate.)

Posted by Matthew Hogan at June 24, 2004 10:36 AM