Iraq to Support Terrorist Attacks Against US

“Russian President Vladimir V. Putin said Friday that his intelligence services had received several reports before the war last year that Iraq was planning terrorist attacks against U.S. targets.” LA TIMES cite.

When I read that I wondered how it would be dealt with by those who think that Iraq wouldn’t engage in anti-US terrorism. (Those who don’t think that Iraq would engage in terrorism at all are completely irrational.) If Kevin Drum and Matthew Yglesias are any indication, they don’t feel the need to deal with it all.

Instead they merely assume it away. It is so completely clear to them that Iraq cannot have been linked to anti-US terrorism, that they must assume that Putin's statement is a lie. This allows them to move directly forward into speculating about why Putin is lying.

This is the kind of analysis which the Catholic Church used to ignore the evidence for a heliocentric system. If you are so convinced that you are right, it can be easy to dismiss the evidence that shows you are wrong.

Posted by Sebastian Holsclaw at June 21, 2004 3:19 AM