eschatology of the left

The instructional movie, “The Day After Tomorrow,” heartily endorsed by Al Gore, is meant to be a wake up call for Americans. To quote the film’s director: “Unchecked pollution will cause havoc with Earth’s natural balance… so ordinary people need to start being more responsible.”

Democrats and other world-liberal’s seem to view the onset of industrial civilization as a disaster of mammoth proportions which needs to be rectified. Quickly.

The Hollywood blockbuster that depicts a sudden ice age brought about by climate change is "remarkably realistic" in parts, says the Government's chief scientist.

...Sir David King said The Day After Tomorrow, which he watched yesterday at a private screening in London, will increase the public's awareness of a threat he once described as worse than terrorism. But he added that it plays fast and loose with some of the science of climate change. "I welcome the movie in the sense that it raises the profile of a critically important public debate about global warming and the need to persuade governments to take action now," Sir David said.

The Kyoto Protocol is a fine first step in dismantling our industrial society. Kerry seems to be all for it. Which is another reason why he shouldn't be elected.

Bush’s abrupt and unilateral decision... this Administration’s misguided approach to dealing with the community of nations. Dropping out of international implementation of the Kyoto Protocol was foolhardy then, and it is even more obviously foolhardy today.

...The Kerry Administration will come to the international table with a serious domestic climate change program in hand...

Any 'serious domestic climate change program' is likely to be an American Job and Business killer that will, in effect, level the playing field for our European allies who have found their economies bogged down in post-socialist shackles. To say that not agreeing to our own economic suicide has upset the world is about what I would expect from the left. It is what I expect from 'Internationalists' like Kerry. Their ideological model is that it is American Capitalism that keeps the rest of the world oppressed and that a humbler America, a less powerful America, is the answer.

Besides being bad science the movie is in line with a growing belief system based on a central theme of man against nature, or rather man as the enemy and antagonist of nature and nature as a sacred, fragile, vulnerable, yet all-powerful thing which will destroy us all if we do not put the prophets of doom in charge of our entire civilization.

The main theme of these prophets of doom is that industrial society results in Armageddon. The problem with this view and the 'consensus' with this view is that it relies more on faith than it does science. Claims about the sustainability of the American way of life, the limits to growth, overconsuption, and the perennial Malthusian fears of overpopulation are part and parcel of this new theology. It is an eschatology designed to scare people into supporting their collectivist and anti-industrial policies. Just as in any religious movement there needs to be a range of believers; those who lead, and those who follow. The prophesies of doom are meant to induce us to follow.

What's wrong with the predictions of doom? To start off their veracity is far from unquestionable. Dubious evidence based entirely on computer models, cited with religious fervor, and the manner in which they proselytize for their cause makes it abundantly clear that there is more ideology at work here than science.

  • Sea levels are rising, or are they?
    Prof S. Fred Singer not only demonstrates that warming does not raise sea levels, but also observes an inverse relationship between global temperature and sea levels. This is mainly due to the increased removal of water from the oceans to the ice caps, thereby canceling the effect of any thermal expansion of the oceans upon sea level during periods of climatic warming.
  • Ice caps are melting, or are they?
    Instead of warming, the Antarctic continent has been cooling over the last 35 years in complete defiance of what the theory says should happen. The authors continue - " our spatial analysis of Antarctic meteorological data demonstrates a net cooling on the Antarctic continent between 1966 and 2000, particularly during summer and autumn. The McMurdo Dry Valleys have cooled by 0.7 °C per decade between 1986 and 2000, with similar pronounced seasonal trends."
  • We are experiencing a rise in global temperatures. Are they sure?
    FRESH doubt has been cast on evidence for global warming following the discovery that a key method of measuring temperature change has exaggerated the warming rate by almost 40 per cent.

In short, the widespread belief in human caused climate change is much like the middle age belief that the world was flat. Anyone who questions their belief is called a heretic. "Nonetheless, it still moves."

Those who are truly worried about pollution and the environment would do well to focus on proving their theories before asking us to discard our civilization. Better yet, make it profitable to conserve, without resorting to coercive laws and outright environmental 'sanctions' like Kyoto.

Al Gore claimed the internal combustion engine to be the greatest threat to mankind. Al, the internet was a good start; if you want to replace the internal combustion engine, stop preaching and start inventing.

Posted by Eric Simonson at May 30, 2004 8:27 PM