McCain verse Edwards?

In the aftermath of 9/11 the western world was united in the belief in the “rightness”of our cause, and the “wrongness” of the Muslim world with it’s terrorism that kills. Since that time, with the conduct of the UN, and other western world, along with the U.S., we (meaning the “civilized western world” have raped and humiliated a Muslim country.

I do not believe there can be more shame for our civilization. The UN oil for food program was designed to help pay for the physical needs of the Iraqi people. Instead, it became what could be described as a financial orgy. The pictures that are now on our computer screen of the horrible abuse in Abu Ghraib, is a graphic object lesson of what the western world did in partnership with Sadaam to the Iraqi people. What our soldiers did literally many in the world community have done figuratively. My point is that there is shame whether one is conservative or liberal.

Only history will be able to grasp the vast consequences of what we have experienced, but here are some thoughts.

1. The damage at Abu Ghraib might out weigh all the good that we have done in Iraq since Sadaam's fall. Obviously Sadaam being taken out is a good thing, but in it's place we may have taken robbed a country of it's dignity.

2. If I were President Bush I would be thinking about withdrawing as a candidate for the presidency. My thoughts would be that my presence will always be tied to this horrible scandal. I would be wondering if it would take fresh leadership to move the country beyond these images. I do not blame President Bush for what happened in Abu Ghraid. If viewed through the lens of "what is best for the country" instead of "whose to blame", this scandal may reach the point where it is better if Bush were to step asside as a candidate. This would allow the country to begin to move ahead and heal.

3. I hope the Democrats consider dumping Senator Kerry. For a presidential candidate to put up a petition to have the Sec. of Defense resign in the middle of a war, tells me he isn't the man. Looking at the poll numbers, with all that we have experienced tells me that there is a serious problem with Senator Kerry's ability to lead. Senator Kerry should be ahead by 10 to 15% right now. Take away the "anyone but Bush vote" and Senator Kerry is a great big zero, right in one of our countries darkest hours.

4. The UN has been ineffective in both Bosnia and Iraq. The UN was chartered to fight a war viewed from nearly 60 years ago. Serious thinking people need to reform the UN to make it more accountable, and make the structure so that it can once again have relevance. Why is France still a permanant member of the UN Security Counsel? We need a new organization patterned after NATO to defend against terrorism. When NATO was formed western Europe was threatened by the Soviet Block. Now with terrorism's worldwide reach, are remarkably different tactics, we need something new with global reach. The world needs an American President like Truman who can help facilitate these changes.

Call me crazy, but I am wondering if the country might be better off with Edwards verses McCain this fall. I haven't inhaled yet, but I am puffing.

Posted by Craig Holmes at May 11, 2004 2:29 PM