lessons of abu ghraib

“I want to know, as I think Americans do, is this isolated? Does it go up the chain of command? Who knew what when?” -John Kerry

…”I think that Mr. Rumsfeld should step down,” -Rep. Nancy Pilosi

The lesson to be learned from this incident is that there is a difference between accountability and partisanship.

What these soldiers did was inexcusable and they will be punished. Unfortunately Democrats and liberals continue to focus on the Bush administration as the enemy which needs to be defeated in this war and continue to use any excuse to paint the administration as corrupt, inept, dishonest, oppressive, and willing to spill blood for oil in it's drive for global hegemony.

Democrats have chosen a Vietnam template to oppose Bush in the 2004 election. When Kerry says, "Who knew what when?" it echoes the Watergate question of, "What did he know and when did he know it?"

Unfortunately Kerry's example of what should be done when war crimes are committed leaves much to be desired and does not say much for the honor and integrity of our Soldiers. Kerry admitted to committing 'atrocities' and said he saw other soldiers doing so as well. Is he any better than the 'torturers' in this case?

There is a distinction to be made. Soldiers committed crimes here, but other soldiers exposed those crimes. That is the meaning of accountability in a free society. The crimes of a few do not make all soldiers guilty.

Bush did what was right in liberating Iraq. Bush is doing what is right in promising to punish anyone who mistreated Iraqi prisoners.

"I can't tell you my feelings," he said. "The Americans got rid of Saddam Hussein. They told us about democracy and freedom. We are happy about that."

But then he tapped the photos again. "Then this man did this to the seven of us," he said. "I am asking: Is that democracy? Is that freedom?"

On Tuesday, he said, he will travel, finally, with his family back to his home in Nasiriya, though he said he cannot stay. He said he would be too ashamed. He wants the U.S. government to pay compensation. He said he feels he needs to move out of Iraq and, despite it all, he said he would not refuse an offer to move to America.

I think Hayder Sabbar Abd, who suffered humiliation at the hands of U.S. soldiers, should be given his wish. A chance to move to America. God bless him.

Posted by Eric Simonson at May 6, 2004 2:59 PM