A Taxing Reminder

It has been half a month since Tax Day, and, while many of us would like to forget about this matter, I wanted to re-post here some good material relating to this not-so-good occasion.

“Republicans believe every day is the 4th of July,
but the Democrats believe every day is April 15.”

—- Ronald Wilson Reagan

No Taxation without Blogation

For this year's Tax Day, here are some of the thoughts from the Blogosphere:

Watcher of Weasels: The Taxman Cometh
Catallarchy.net: Good news everyone!
Kyle Williams: I'm 15 - Taxation w/o representation!
Radley Balko: Obligatory But Belated Tax Day Reminder
Claire Wolfe: Happy April Fools Day -- and an Offer

News and Views on Taxation
From the Think Tanks...

From CATO:
Daily Dispatch for April 15, 2004
Tax Code Kills Civil Liberties, Chris Edwards
Overhauling the Tax Code, Chris Edwards

From Mises:
Taking from the Tax Collectors
To give to the taxpayers. Adam Young on Robin Hood. [via LewRockwell.com]
Chodorov Speaks, Gary Galles, from the Mises Blog

From The Liberty Committee:
Taxpayers' Friend Award ~~~~ Tax Facts

From the National Taxpayers Union:
- Americans Snared in Stickier Web of Tax Complexity, Study Finds
- Despite Major Tax Cuts, Fiscal Voting Records Showed Only Minor Improvement, Non-Partisan Congressional Rating Finds
- Tax & Fiscal Information for Senator John Kerry

- Who Pays Income Taxes? See Who Pays What!
- NTU's 2004 Survey of Congressional Candidates

A pertinent letter to the Illinois Leader:
Kerry flunks fiscally, says non-partisan group

From Americans for Tax Reform:
TAX DAY 2004: A New Dawn on Tax Day

From The Conservative Caucus:
"Death and Taxes"

From Citizens Against Government Waste:
- Tax Day 2004: Reduce Waste to Save Taxpayers Money
- 2004 Pig Book Identifies Record $22.9 Billion in Pork

From Citizens for a Sound Economy:
On Tax Day, A Call for Reform
On Thursday April 15th, infamously known as "Tax Day", CSE wants Congress know that it is time to Scrap the Code! CSE is rallying at post offices, distributing educational literature and Scrap the Code petitions as well as recruiting and signing up new members to join the fight for tax reform. MORE

Visit ScraptheCode.org

The Tax Man Taketh
Apr 13 - With April 15 upon us, it is fair to ask who is paying the most taxes. By Jared Pincin

Celebrate Tax Freedom Day on April 11th
Apr 9 - It's taken over three months of work for America to pay its taxes this year. By Max Pappas

Tax Reform Thursday!
Apr 7 - This Tax Day, join the movement to Scrap the Code. By Rob Jordan

Via TownHall.com:

Tax Foundation:
Americans celebrate earliest Tax Freedom Day since 1967
"Federal tax cuts have made the average American tax burden lighter in 2004," said Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge.

Heritage Foundation:
- A Tax Code Report Card
- Fixing a Broken Tax System
- The Silver Lining of Tax Day 2004

Of Cutting & Spending and Sneakers & Pills -- Three Years of Tax Cuts Boosts American Buying Power, Frontiers of Freedom
A Taxing Meditation, Pacific Research Institute
Stop the (Tax) Madness, OpinionEditorials.com
You've paid your taxes. Here's where the money's going, National Review

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