So far Kerry uninspiring on Iraq

In times of national crisis leadership has their defining moments. “We have not yet begun to fight”, or “Give me liberty or give me death!” We all remember when George Bush put his arm around a fireman in New York and with a “blow horn” told the world that America had a strong leader at the helm.

This month was one of those defining moments in history. America lost over one hundred brave soldiers. President Bush's policies were up to public examination/ridicule on the 9/11 commission. There were two well publicized books concerning President Bush's job performance. Senator Kerry had his first prime time opportunity to define himself by the strength of his character at a time when American was open to leadership. At a time when Americans are looking for leadership, his great line was "I will go to the UN!".

Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post writes:

In 1952 a presidential candidate running against an administration that had gotten the United States into a debilitating and inconclusive war abroad pledged: "I will go to Korea." He won. A half-century later, a presidential candidate running against an administration that has gotten the United States into a debilitating and (thus far) inconclusive war abroad pledges: "I will go to the U.N."

Mr Krauthammer goes on to say that Senator Kerry is adrift, without a clear path of leadership.

It seems to me that Senator Kerry could be splitting the Democratic party. There are the ABB crowd (Anyone but Bush) and the Anti war crowd. Those who are both must make a decision in Kerry that they didn't have to make with Dean. If they back Kerry then they have to give up their anti war stance, if they stay true to their anti war feelings then the will feel compelled to vote for Nader. It is this lack of leadership on Kerry's part that is partially responsible for his recent decline in the polls. If Kerry continues this style of unispiring leadership it could be a good fall for Republicans.

Posted by Craig Holmes at April 24, 2004 12:27 AM