US-Mexican Border Deal...“Bush Crap”

We should have known it folks. We should have known back in 1999 when then Governor George W. Bush decided to run as a “compassionate conservative” that what he really meant to say was that he is a moderate, if not, liberal, Republican. Granted, his work abroad (War on Terror), is going well, and should be supported by us all. However, it is what he has been doing here that should be questioned. Let’s forget for a moment that he is by far the biggest spending President in a long time and move right onto his latest “compassionate conservative” action: his new deal to allow illegal Mexicans to work here in the Unites States. YUCK.

With this border deal that Bush worked out with Mexican’s President, Vincente Fox, more temporary Mexican workers will be able to get jobs here in the US. According to President Bush in his State of the Union Address, “This reform will be good for our economy because employers will find needed workers in an honest and orderly system. A temporary worker program will help protect our homeland, allowing Border Patrol and law enforcement to focus on true threats to our national security.” Yea, right Mr. President.

How can letting more people through our borders help us with defending our borders? Now more border patrol agents will be needed to screen the influx of new “legal” workers that will be coming across our border. If the President really wants to protect our borders from terrorists, perhaps letting more people into our country is not the way to go. However, putting “No Vacancy” signs along our borders is something worth thinking about, just until we wipe out every last terrorist.

And besides, how does Mr. “Compassionate” plan on keeping track of all of these new workers? Once inside, I doubt that their every movement will be under the microscope of our US government. What will keep the people from leaving their workplace and moving to other towns in hopes of stealing more of our jobs?

Now, what about all of these jobs that the legal border jumpers will be filling? According to our president, they will be taking jobs that no one else wants. Bull. Americans will take any job that is needed. We may not like our jobs, but we will do them, as long as we get paid. Bush’s plan will take more jobs away from willing US workers, and that is not right. How can he expect to lower the unemployment rate, (5.7% as of December 2003), if he goes and gives people from different countries our jobs?

Of all the things that really stands out as being idiotic that our President has said concerning this new deal with Mexico, is that he will not give amnesty. In his State of the Union address, Bush said: “I oppose amnesty, because it would encourage further illegal immigration, and unfairly reward those who break our laws.” Exactly, Mr. President, so why are you making this horrendous deal with a country that would love to see our country overrun by illegals? And who says we wouldn’t be giving out amnesty? Amnesty, according to comes from the Greek word “amnestia” which means “amnesia” and we all know what amnesia brings about, forgetting. “Amnesty” in and of itself is defined as being “a general pardon granted by a government, especially for political offenses.” Bush does plan on giving out amnesty, even if he doesn’t come out and say it because by letting all of these new workers into our country, he is forgetting that they do not belong here. Not only that, but he is pardoning these illegals too. And in doing so, in time we will forget that they do not belong here, and many Americans will lose their jobs because of it.

In the end, nothing good will come out of Bush’s new deal with Mexican President Fox. This plan just shows that our President is far from being a conservative. Democrats should be happy that they have a big spending President who loves to make our federal government bigger, while at the same time giving our jobs to non-Americans. For shame Mr. Bush, for shame.

Posted by Forrester at April 5, 2004 12:36 PM