Capitalist overlord update

A continuation of sorts of this watchblog entry:Walmart: capitalist overlord?

Jim, John, Alice, Sam and Helen may carry the world’s most dangerous genetic markers. They are the Waltons, heirs to the global destructive force called Wal-Mart.

…If evil could be branded, its emblem would be the Wal-Mart logo. The retailer has become so large, and behaves so aggressively, it sometimes appears as a force of nature, like weather. -In These Times

What I like most about the radical-activist-left is their cogent and coherent arguments based entirely on the logic of Marxism. Which is, for those who don't know, roughly equivalant to the esteemed science of phrenology. Oh, how the left hates anyone who disagrees with their ideology.

“The overriding tasks of the workers’ government must be to arm the proletariat, to disarm bourgeois, counter-revolutionary organisations, to introduce the control of production, to transfer the main burden of taxation to the rich, and to break the resistance of the counter-revolutionary bourgeoisie. Such a workers’ government is only possible if it is born out of the struggle of the masses, is supported by workers' bodies which are capable of fighting, bodies created by the most oppressed sections of the working masses." -Workers Power

But we digress. Walmart, it seems, has a cause of it's own. (Besides the subjugation of it's workers that is.) Apparently the Waltons are voucher supporters and are pulling a 'George Soros' on the revolutionary workers party apparatus. Putting $20 billion dollars of cold hard cash into the cause.

...The family’s immediate personal ambitions are more modest: to destroy public education in the United States. To that end the Waltons, through their Walton Family Foundation and in close collaboration with Milwaukee’s Bradley Foundation, literally invented the national school “choice” network and its wedge issue-weapon, vouchers.

The Walton heirs are willing to use the largest fortune in the world to devolving the socialist public school system by promoting vouchers and charter schools. According to Glen Ford and Peter Gamble they are targeting African americans, who support vouchers more than any other group. The fact that they get the shortest end of the educational stick doesn't make it into the story however. Wouldn't that qualify as a rascist institution by definition? I forgot, not when it's the darling of the left.

The truth is public education has not served minorities and the poor well at all. Even thought that is it's entire rational according to the left. Without public education only the rich would be able to go to school, they say. With public school only the rich get a good education.

...because the Wal-Mart model attempts to diminish and weaken us all. Wal-Mart wants more than blood—it covets every inch of social space, the places where human civilization lives.

Soon the diabolical Walton family will pump a billion more dollars a year into its offensive against public education, seeking to saturate African-American politics with paid flunkies, drive a wedge between blacks and labor, and cripple the people’s ability to resist.

Someday we will understand that there are no free lunches. Education is a valuable commodity. A commodity who's market we have allowed to be completely disrupted. Like other problem areas of the economy, health care for example, the government meddles way to much, and drives up the cost to boot. The left has only one answer for fixing problems they created: more government control.

Posted by Eric Simonson at March 31, 2004 8:09 PM