Meet The New Kerry, Same As The Old Kerry !

I sit here this morning seething as I am gathering my thoughts on the next J.R.’s Take. I am absolutely livid with the Democratic presidential front runner, Sen. John F. Kerry, and so should you be. John F. Kerry has said that if elected, he will abandon the war on terror, begin a dialogue with terrorist regimes, and apologize for the mistakes of the Bush administration !

In a December foreign-policy address to the Council on Foreign Relations, Kerry called the war on terror, led by President Bush, “the most arrogant, inept, reckless and ideological foreign policy in modern history.”

Kerry's address was praised by the main stream media. "Kerry Vows to Repair Foreign relations," headlined the Associated Press. The new focus on foreign policy "plays to Kerry's strength" noted Knight Ridder News Service. "Kerry Vows to Change U.S. Foreign Policy; Senator Describes Steps he Would Take as President," headlined the Washington Post. None of the major main stream media found Kerry's address at all inappropriate.

Kerry promised that in the first 100 days of his administration that he would travel the world to denounce his predecessor, apologize for his "radically wrong" policy, and seek "cooperation and compromise" with friend and enemy. Kerry said he would go to the United Nations and travel to our allies and affirm that the United States has rejoined the community of nations.

Apologize ? Cooperation and Compromise ? Radically wrong policy ? What the hell is wrong with this guy ? He wants America to apologize for responding to a terrorist attack that killed 3,000 innocent, defenseless people, who were going about their business before they were rudely interrupted and killed or wounded. He wants us to apologize for a U.S. ship being attacked in a port in Yemen and 17 U.S. Sailors being killed and a ship being damaged. He wants us to apologize for two of our U.S. embassy's being attacked and over 300 people being killed. He wants us to apologize for the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 that killed 6 innocent people and injured 1,000 more.

Apologize, Mr. Kerry ? Cooperate and compromise Mr. Kerry ? It's a radically wrong policy to defend ourselves Mr. Kerry ? Let's not forget that it was they (the terrorists) that attacked us. Let's also not forget that with the exception of the 9/11 attacks, all the other terrorist attacks happened on the Clinton administrations watch. Yes Folks, can you believe it, the terrorists were attacking us even before Bush became president. I know some of you will find that to be a stunning revelation considering all you hear from the sniveling liberals is that we are hated by the terrorists because of Bush's foreign policy. I guess the terrorists' must have phoned Miss Cleo and got their reading and conducted pre-emptive terrorist strikes knowing that Bush would be President in the future.

It was the cooperate, compromise and apologize stratedgy that was radically wrong with the Clinton administration's policies. Policies that gutted our military hardware, demoralized our military personnel, and invited our enemies to attack us, that led to the attacks of 9/11. The terrorists, making the mistake of listening to the ridiculous rhetoric of the whining liberals, believed that because President Bush narrowly won the 2000 election, that he had no mandate, that he would be a weak President. They, and the rest of the world, would soon find out otherwise.

The majority of the American People will never support apologizing or cooperating and compromising with our terrorist enemies, we have seen where that has gotten us, Mr. Kerry. The majority of Americans support the Presidents policies on the war on terror, even if they don't agree with his other policies.

It appears, ladies and gentlemen that Kerry thinks this is still the '70's and just as he aided and abetted our enemies then, he is hell bent on doing the same thing again in 2005 if he is elected President.

Meet the new Kerry, same as the old Kerry !

I'm J.R. and that's my take. Posted by J.R. at March 15, 2004 10:23 PM