Kerry's Imaginary Foreign Leaders

On Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace asked Secretary of State Powell about Kerry’s assertion that foreign leaders want Kerry to defeat Bush:

WALLACE: All right. I’m not sure you can answer this one, but I would like to get your comment on it, if I could.

Senator Kerry says that foreign leaders you look like you know this want him to beat the president. And here's what he's had to say: "I've met with foreign leaders who can't go out and say this publicly, but boy, they look at you and say, 'You've got to win this. You've got to beat this guy. We need a new policy."'

POWELL: I can't even talk to that, Chris. I don't know what foreign leaders Senator Kerry is talking about. It's an easy charge, an easy assertion to make. But if he feels it is that important an assertion to make, he ought to list some names. If he can't list names, then perhaps he should find something else to talk about.

Kerry refused to reveal which foreign leaders are rooting for him when questioned about the issue during a town meeting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Secretary Powell is right. Kerry should not have said that he met foreign leaders that want him to win if he is unwilling to name those leaders. It's too easy to make such assertions when you are not required to offer any evidence to support them.

When could Kerry have met with leaders that told him they prefer Kerry to President Bush? The Washington Times reports that Kerry has made no official foreign trips since the start of last year, and a review of Kerry's domestic travel schedule revealed only one opportunity for him to meet with foreign leaders here:

According to travel records kept by the Secretary of the Senate, Mr. Kerry's last official trip abroad was in early 2002 when he visited the United Kingdom, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. The only other trip noted in Senate records since that time is an October 2002 domestic trip to Charleston, S.C., to appear on MSNBC's Hardball program.

The Washington Times also scoured White House, State Department and other public records for all official trips made to the United States by foreign leaders since the start of last year. During more than 30 such trips, Mr. Kerry was out of town campaigning, at home or in the hospital for a prostate-cancer operation, according to his travel schedules from this year and last.

The only instance found when Mr. Kerry was in the same town as a foreign leader was Sept. 24, when New Zealand Foreign Minister Philip Goff was in Washington meeting with State Department officials. On that day, according to his schedule, Mr. Kerry received the endorsement of the International Association of Fire Fighters in Washington.

I'm sure there are world leaders would prefer Kerry to President Bush such as North Korea's Kim Jong-il and Iran's mullahs.

Posted by Dan Spencer at March 15, 2004 12:18 AM