Talk is cheap

Six-way talks with North Korea just ended with inconclusive results. The only “result” was a statement that said that the parties still have “differences”.

The meeting ended with agreement to hold more negotiations…

The communist North, however, gave no ground on U.S. demands that it completely give up its nuclear ambitions and insisted on keeping technology and equipment used to generate electricity, among other “peaceful purposes.”

All this while NK kills and tortures people in prisoner camps. Recently, someone sneaked out a video from one of the camps.

The footage on Japan’s Fuji Television Network, said to have been smuggled out of the communist state, showed poorly dressed men and women laboring in snowy fields.

Prisoners in drab grey uniforms, the men with their heads bared and the women wearing only scarves despite temperatures said to be well below freezing, harvested cabbages and hauled heavy loads in the infamous Yodok 15 prison camp.

Fuji Television said the video was obtained from a defector who managed to secretly film the labor camp, located 62 miles north of Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.

In one scene, women working in a snowy field furtively stuff cabbage leaves into their mouths, stopping when a guard -- dressed in a heavy coat and fur cap -- steps near.

Other footage showed pairs of men and women carrying what the daily Sankei Shimbun said were canisters of human waste slung from a pole across their shoulders.

But of course, we must exhaust all diplomatic options to reach an agreement. I wonder when that is going to happen.

Posted by Vivek at February 28, 2004 6:06 PM