UN Resolution, My Favorite Oxymoron

What a coincidence . The UN Security Council sets up a panel to prevent Al Qaeda from receiving international funding. When the panel suggests that many countries aren’t following through, and that Security Council Resolutions were not effective, the Council responded by disbanding the panel.

This is a classic case of why the UN can't be trusted to do anything useful. Here the countries that aren't doing enough are happy to be rid of the panel. The US is scared of anything that says the war against terrorism might not be going well so it is ok with getting rid of the panel too. The Council as a whole hates being criticized for inaction so to prove they can act, they decide to get rid of the critic. For many different reasons the UN is paralyzed....again.

And what the heck is this US position:

One U.S. official said the last thing the United States wants is to "muzzle" the United Nations. But he said that although Chandler's panel was effective "at getting headlines," his propensity for antagonizing member states could ultimately undermine U.S. efforts to harness the United Nations' support in its anti-terror campaign. Chandler's group "did a good job," said James B. Cunningham, the deputy U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. "But we are trying to make the committee more effective."

Give me a break. I'm a pro-Bush hawk and I don't believe that one.

I think the administration was so worried about the small amounts of criticism being directed at it, that it didn't use the panel's major criticism of other countries effectively.

If instead this is an overreaction to the charges that Bush doesn't play well with other countries' leaders, that is just pathetic.

But don't let Bush hatred distract you from the main point: the UN is almost always paralyzed like this for one reason or another. Even if the US was doing the right thing vis-a-vis the panel, the rest of the Security Council would still hamstring it. Trusting the UN to take action, even in serious cases, is an exercise in foolishness.

Posted by Sebastian Holsclaw at February 6, 2004 3:34 AM