Rall Watch: Yet To Be Liberated

Here’s Ted Rall’s latest rant against America’s thrust in Iraq and Afghanistan:

If we really want to win the war on terrorism, we’ve got to stop sitting around the Sunni triangle picking rose petals off our Kevlar jackets. If we’re serious about liberation as a tool of terror prevention, we’ve got to invade every dictatorship, topple every autocracy and occupy every patch of soil where evil tyrants oppress their people, especially in the Muslim world.

He goes on to list a number of places that could use American-style liberation —- starting with the rest of the middle East, all the way to Eastern Europe —- liberally peppering his piece with little stories about the brutal regimes and general lack of human rights in those places. He offers no solution to these problems.

And more importantly, he misses the central point. A year ago, Rall would have had to include stories of common people being brutalized in Iraq and Afghanistan, if he were to write such a piece. A year ago, Rall would have had to include Iraq and Afghanistan in his to-be-liberated list.

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Posted by Vivek at February 4, 2004 10:37 PM